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SITE: New Event Calendar ... searchable and interactive
« on: October 08, 2011, 10:48 AM »
Over a decade ago I created a calendar here at the Drummer Cafe. Features have expanded over the years to include more than just celebrity birthdays; there are listings for drum/percussion clinics, events, classes, etc.

I don't mind telling you (I'm excited to tell you actually) that the Drummer Cafe is once again leading the way with a new innovation ... the interactive/searchable Event Calendar. This is the first and only calendar of its kind for the drum and percussion industry.

Besides being able to view upcoming events by Day/Week/Month/Year on the calendar itself, you can now search for events close to your residence or any location you specify (address, city, state, etc.) within 100, 250 and 500 miles. I've also expanded the embedded Google Map to not only display an individual event, but ALL the events you are currently viewing, based on the Day/Week/Month/Year you choose to view.

These features are available for the clinics, classes and events ... however, you can also check out where your favorite drummer/percussionist was born, and see that on the map as well.  :)

There's also a map controller where you can choose to ONLY view a single category (eg. clinics) or combination of categories. Example: view only the clinics for a given week, or see all of the major drumming events for an entire month or year; you choose.

The calendar is not just for USA residents. I'm adding drum/percussion clinics and events from around the globe, and you'll be able to see these as well ... all at a glance.

While viewing the calendar, you can use your computer mouse to hover over an event to see a quick synopsis of the event. Click on the event title to gain in-depth details and/or additional information. You can do the same thing from the Google Map, although rather than mousing over you must actually click on the event's pin to activate the pop-up window for more information and details.

More features are coming soon, and as you might guess, adding dates to the calendar is an ongoing task.

If you would like to help me keep the calendar full, please feel free to send any clinic dates or drumming events that you may know of, in particular those events not already appearing on the Drummer Cafe calendar. In the near future there will be a way for individuals to submit events to the calendar directly. All event dates for the calendar, before they actually appear on the calendar, must be approved by me. After I authenticate them, making sure they are valid and correct, I will publish the event to the calendar. Some events will appear on the calendar even though the details (eg. exact time of day) is TBA. All calendar events will be marked as Confirmed, Tentative or Cancelled.

You no longer have to visit every single drum manufacturer's website in order to hopefully find a potential drum clinic that you can attend! With the Google Map expansion, it's now even easier to find the venue and get directions. And besides just giving you the name and location of the event, I'm also providing contact information as well, including an individual contact, phone number, email address, website URL, ticket prices, etc., whenever possible. 

I trust that the drumming community at large will find great benefit with this service from yours truly, and the Drummer Cafe8)


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