As the host, founder and owner of the Drummer Cafe, Bart Elliott reserves the right to modify, change, add to, or alter these rules at any time, including their interpretation and applications. It is your responsibility, as a Drummer Cafe member, to review these rules; making sure that you stay current with any changes or additions. You don't have to like the rules ... just obey them.

  • FULL "REAL" NAME All new membership registrations require that your full name (first and last/surname) be supplied with your application. Why? Because the Drummer Cafe forum is a community made up of real people; we don't hide behind a faux persona, mask or anonymous identity. Our community is professional and conducts itself accordingly. We want to know who we are communicating with; we hold each member accountable for their own words.

    If you have a "real" opinion, thought, idea, concept, question, etc. that you would like to share or express on the Drummer Cafe forum... you need to use your "real" name. If you need to maintain anonymity, this forum isn't for you.

  • AUTHENTIC EMAIL ACCOUNT It is the responsibility of each member to maintain their Profile with an active email address. This is to insure that the Drummer Cafe administrator can contact each member from time to time regarding updates to the forum, as well as insure that posting members have some accountability for their words. Any member who fails to maintain an active/authentic email address in their Profile will be deleted from the Membership roster immediately. Members who fail to login to the forum for over 90-days will also be deleted from the database. If you are unable to login and resolve your membership, you'll have to register again.

  • NO SPAM Don't spam this forum! If you've got a new product or website that you'd like to promote ... great ... put that information in your membership Profile and/or in your signature line. Your profile is designed so that you can include your own website URL for others to explore. If you post interesting messages, people will be interested in you ... and your website and/or product(s). DO NOT use the Drummer Cafe to simply advertise your site! All posts that resemble "check out my new site" or "check out my product" will be deleted by the Moderators. Members who do not observe the warnings of the Moderators will have their membership terminated and will be banned permanently. Whether you believe it to be spam or not is not our concern. Joining the Drummer Cafe with the sole intent of driving traffic to your own site is dishonest and unwelcome.

  • NO CLASSIFIEDS or FOR SALE Here at the Drummer Cafe, we offer a Classified section for VIP members to post in. Under no circumstances should individuals post classified type ads anywhere else on the forum. Allowing everyone to post classifieds all over the forum turns our nice forum into a spamfest. If you choose to disregard this rule, not only will you be warned and your post immediately deleted, but second offenses will force moderation on all your posts. Three strikes and you are out; permanently banned from this forum. Sorry if you don't like this rule; but ... it's our rule. If you would like to advertise at the Drummer Cafe, please contact us for commercial rates.

  • NO POLITICS This forum is about drums, percussion and music. There are many other forums on the Internet that are far more appropriate for political discussion and debate, so please don't voice your political (or religious) views or opinions here. Historically this causes nothing but problems, so the Drummer Cafe has put a stop to it. If you're not sure if your post falls into this category, refer to the detailed rules below, or contact a Moderator privately to inquire.

  • NO OFFENSIVE POSTS This is a broad, undefined area for certain. What we ask is that you use common sense when you post or start a thread. If you think there's a chance your post will make somebody mad ... it probably will. Any post or thread which picks on someone based on their race, creed, gender, religion, etc., would fall into this category. See the detailed rules below, or contact a Moderator if you're not sure.

  • NO PERSONAL ATTACKS The previous Rule should have made this perfectly clear, but in case it didn't, here it is again ... worded a little differently. You can argue, disagree and debate about drums, percussion and music ... but no personal attacks! If you don't agree with someone, tell them. If you don't like someone else's favorite brand of drums or style of music, you can voice your opinion, but you can't call them an 'idiot', etc. Make sense?

  • NO FREE ADVERTISEMENTS We've already covered this, but in case you didn't get it ... the Drummer Cafe is not here for your to post your For-Sale ads, Want Ads, or any other kind of ad. We view these types of items as SPAM on our forum. Allowing ads to exist only draws visitors to further spam our forum, which has no redeeming value whatsoever. Advertisements which have not received written permission by Bart Elliott will be immediately deleted without warning. If you are new to the Drummer Cafe and your first post is an advertisement, even a "check out my website", not only will the thread be deleted, but your membership will be terminated immediately; no questions asked.

  • NO DRUMMER WANTED POSTS We don't want individuals joining the Drummer Cafe with the intent of posting to find a drummer, percussionist, etc. We have zero tolerance with these types of posts. Your post and membership will be deleted immediately from our database.

The Moderators can see everything you do; we know all and see all. We know your IP address and have the power to Mute or Ban any member who fails to comply with these rules. This is a heavily moderated board; that's what keeps the quality and professionalism so high. If your posts are disruptive, offensive, or otherwise ignore the rules, we will shut you down ... temporarily or permanently. Please respect the rules and don't force the moderators to take action against you. This is a first-class, professionally minded board and all forum members are expected to conduct themselves accordingly.

Sorry for all the "rules" but so many people have abused this forum in the past that we have to lay it all down in the beginning. Now ... go and enjoy yourself on the best drum and percussion forum that the World Wide Web has to offer!


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