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Title: An Idiophonic Steel Tongue Drum Good for Music Therapy
Post by: Joseph Clark V. Ombrog on August 10, 2016, 01:42 AM
A modern percussion instrument that is very immersive in music therapy. I recommend playing UFO drum, a steel tongue drum (http://ufodrum.net) from Bali, Indonesia.

The first UFO drum was created in Siberia. Now we produce UFO Drums on the "Island of Gods" - Bali. Where from past people have national metal idiophone musical instrument "Gamelan". Each of UFO drum is perfectly hand-tuned by 20 years of experience master.

Our UFO Drums have moreover been used with much achievement by approved music consultants and their patients in an extensive variety of ways. You will love having the ability to add a melodic portion to your beats. An instinctual strategy to the notes makes it easy to explore new musical horizons.

The strong intelligent tones are calming and mind boggling for loosening up at whatever time. Besides, because of its insignificant design you can take it outside and welcome it in nature. Your next outside trek won't be done without UFO Drum time around the outdoors fire.