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Gear / Equipment / Instruments / a video explaining the difference of sticks
« Last post by beyondbetrayal on September 07, 2018, 05:57 PM »
I made this for new drummers or people who haven't experimented with sticks.

I own almost every shape and size of stick available and there is a lot of  people who don't ever change. It makes a huge difference in your playing.

Here is a video I made of the progress on a 1980's Pearl Export kit.

It was beat up, the wraps were damaged and it was in a near garbage state.  (smelt bad, was covered in all kinds of gross stuff, damaged wraps, etc.)

 It is now a nice looking kit and it cost me very little to do this. I saved the Pearl badges to put on next.

General Board / Re: Sound Proof Wall Partition
« Last post by riswanasif on August 02, 2018, 12:40 PM »
You can use acoustic partitions to partition rooms. It is a flexible space dividing partition wall. Which is made of aluminum frame with excellent durability and rigidity. These sliding folding partition products shape space by providing flexible sight and sound dividing, enable to control your space.
General Board / Re: 10 minute death metal song
« Last post by beyondbetrayal on July 25, 2018, 11:36 AM »
Thanks for the comment.

This song itself is a few years old now.I finished tracking it about 6 months ago with the rest of the CD.

My playing has changed drastically in the last 2 years with regards to my timing, transitions and especially fills.. I stopped doing straight 16th or 32nd notes as they are  kindof tasteless and boring.  I have been working on my rudiments like crazy which in turn has made my fills way better. As as practicing on a 4 piece kit most of the time. It really takes out that safety tom and makes you be much more creative.

When I play slow, my drumming is MUCH better haha. something about 220-240 BPM is that the tempo is going so fast it's hard to be creative and I default to crappy straight forward safety fills.

I appreciate the honest criticism.   Also, Anyone can play this stuff. Technically it isn't super hard. you just need to be prepared to push yourself, and put in LOTS of time on the pad and kit working on straight forward endurance stuff.    To be 100% honest I am happy our next album is slowing down. I am more into groove and having some texture and dynamics in my playing than blazing all the time now. It's fun in small doses, but this song is a beast. haha
Technique(s) / Re: Blastbeats from 180 - 260 BPM
« Last post by beyondbetrayal on July 21, 2018, 06:14 PM »
The settings make a huge difference. I actualy use a pretty tight batter head for rebound and you pretty much need long board direct drive pedals, as well as triggers to make this work.

The Axis AL-2's are my favorite and the pearl demon drives worked pretty good. I haven't tested any others.
Technique(s) / Left hand exercises, rudiments and warmups
« Last post by beyondbetrayal on July 21, 2018, 06:13 PM »
Here is a new video I made on warmups and rudiments focusing on the left hand to build it up to the right. If you do these for a month or 2 your left hand will notice a huge difference.

Gear / Equipment / Instruments / Re: Roland TM-2 Bass drum setup
« Last post by leo max on June 25, 2018, 04:40 AM »
Nice topic thanks
It alternates between 12/8 and 4/4.    ;)

Actually it is not.

If you read the thread you'll see that it's syncopated sixteenth notes. Look at the notation by David Crigger. It is a mixture of 6/4 and 4/4 with an occasional 5/4 bar. At no point is the eighth-note getting the pulse.

It alternates between 12/8 and 4/4.    ;)
Gear / Equipment / Instruments / Re: Show us your drum/perc set-up
« Last post by Bob Dias on May 31, 2018, 04:23 PM »
They are indeed Axis stands. I bought them maybe 15 years ago. Very light weight, very sturdy. I use 5 cymbal stands and a hihat stand. Just modified the cymbal sleeve to accept a Tama cymbal lock. I gig them regularly. One of the best investments I ever made!
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