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General Board / Semantic Listening Experiment
« Last post by Antonio Pinto on July 09, 2015, 05:09 PM »
Hi all!

I'm here to ask for your participation in a Online Drum Semantic  Listening Experiment. This experiment is part of a series of tasks connected with my master in Sound and Music Computing (@MTG-UPF http://www.mtg.upf.edu/ ), which comes under the Project GiantSteps - Seven League Boots for Music Creation and Performance (http://www.giantsteps-project.eu/). In summary, we’re trying to discover how we can use semantic information to characterize drums’ sounds (and eventually enable the use of  this kind of features in DAW’s or similar gear). 

Beforehand, I apologize this spam inconvenience, but even so I would be very appreciated if you could spare a moment of your time, and participate in this experiment, until next monday:


If you have any question or comment don't hesitate to contact me.
Thanks in advance !!!

General Board / Re: outof print Joe Morello books
« Last post by Pat Brooks on July 02, 2015, 03:41 PM »
Thanks for the information. As it turns out I was able to score the book from another source. Which is just as well as I always get carried away when bidding on EBay.
The book is fantastic, it contains nine very accurate( to my ear ) solo transcriptions
plus many four measure breaks. I love this book, somebody should get it back in print.
General Board / Re: outof print Joe Morello books
« Last post by Larry Lawless on June 29, 2015, 08:14 PM »
Here's some info about the book:


I used to have a copy about 30 years ago, have no idea what happened to it. I mainly remember the solos, which are transcriptions of Joe playing on those tunes. I would go for it.

live off the floor, no click...obviously!.. fyi the previous CD Tracks in the Sand is before my time

I realllllly dislike recording...being under a microscope etc...my playing is generally too random to record well, I take lots of chances, some of which pay out.....

I took my training wheels app LiveBpm with me but they wouldn't let me use it..."it will isolate you too much"...took 2 bass drums, a 26 Cat Jazz and a 22 maple Renown...and told the producer/engineer who owned the studio who we were hiring (!) that I wanted to try a different bass drum sound..like the old two headed big band days......fiddle fiddle....no go... "not manageable" so I ended up using my Renowns with an 80s Luddie bass drum that belongs to Pat Steward and which was used on The Summer of 65 Bryan Adams record....sounded like a cardboard box at my end, but it was "manageable" and easily EQd...blame it on the pillows and Ringo era. that era of engineer only understand one sound.

it went downhill from there...engineer didn't like my ghost notes, snare notes, fills "sounds like someone falling down the stairs", using crash cymbals... etc etc etc etc   opinionated son of a gun!
General Board / outof print Joe Morello books
« Last post by Pat Brooks on June 28, 2015, 12:39 PM »
I have an opportunity to bid on a couple of out of print books by Joe Morello. My question is about one in particular. It's called "Off The Record", is it worth bidding on? If it's a good book why is it out of print? Any feed back would be appreciated.
Gear / Equipment / Instruments / Re: MacMinds ...help!!
« Last post by Michael Beechey on June 04, 2015, 03:56 PM »
Glad you resolved your issue. I'm not a Mac guy, so couldn't really help you.

thanks..and congrats again on your persistence and service....I'm not a mac guy either, but my band is...and the main man needs help understanding how to use garage band....so anyway...it's good for the brain, like learning a foreign language
Gear / Equipment / Instruments / Re: MacMinds ...help!!
« Last post by Bart Elliott on June 04, 2015, 03:44 PM »
Glad you resolved your issue. I'm not a Mac guy, so couldn't really help you.
Gear / Equipment / Instruments / Re: MacMinds ...help!!
« Last post by Michael Beechey on June 04, 2015, 03:11 PM »
call off the dogs...after a whole bunch of research I finally called the mac store...booted to recovery (Command R) reinstalled OS and ...voila a working mac!..I hereby erase from the universe all the nasty thoughts about uncle Steve
Gear / Equipment / Instruments / MacMinds ...help!!
« Last post by Michael Beechey on June 04, 2015, 01:14 PM »
Attn MacMinds

well....this is ironic.....

having cursed MS/BS since DOS days I finally purchased this used Macbook Pro 2011, i7...Yosemite....booted fine at seller's house...he wiped the OS so it then booted to the screen asking to reinstall OS...all is happiness

got it home and now GSOD, Grey screen of Death which is a kinder gentler version of the garish BSOD. Has a prohibited entry symbol. No peripherals attached, no ethernet attached...ethernet attached gives same result. Power cable detached...same

Won't Safe Boot, Safe Boot Verbose gives a long list of MacSpeak, which as a first time user doesn't mean a lot to me... but doesn't boot, bios reset doesn't work....the only thing I get is some dings and said grey screen...thanks a lot Uncle Steve(!)

just before i slink back with my tail between my legs to confess my sins to Father Bill and beg to be restored back in his flock....Help?

Thanks in advance to my savior(s)!    btw  have posted to mac user forum
General Board / Re: Hello from Las Vegas, NV.
« Last post by Chip Donaho on May 30, 2015, 01:23 PM »
Very well done.   8)
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