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General Board / How the music industry is changing
« Last post by Bart Elliott on May 18, 2018, 07:46 AM »
In your own personal experience (as a music consumer, performer, educator, composer, etc.), how have you seen or not seen the music industry change, for better or worse, over the last five, ten, twenty, etc., years?
Music, Musicians & Musicianship / Re: Roy Burns dies at 82
« Last post by Brett Sheaffer on May 10, 2018, 11:40 AM »
He was a very personable and customer-focused man. Had quite a drumming career, as well.
Back when I started playing Aquarian heads, probably in the early 2000s (after reading about your positive experiences with them, Bart), I had a question about the heads and emailed Aquarian.  I remember getting a personal email from Mr. Burns himself, with an open invitation to contact him again if I had other questions or problems.
Music, Musicians & Musicianship / Roy Burns dies at 82
« Last post by Bart Elliott on May 10, 2018, 05:03 AM »

We are saddened to report the passing of our friend, Roy Burns, who died on May 2, 2018; he was 82. #RIP

Please visit our tribute to Roy, celebrate his life as well as his more than 20 year relationship with Drummer Cafe.
Technique(s) / Re: Moeller Technique
« Last post by Jon E on May 08, 2018, 09:05 AM »
While nothing can compare to working one-on-one with an actual teacher, you may be able to glean quite a lot from videos on line--especially as you are starting out using/developing the Moeller technique.

Sorry I can't suggest NYC teachers as I do not live in that area.

Best of luck.
I am not going crazy-electro-matic with either of the rigs I am about to mention, but they have both worked well:

I have been using the Roland SPD-30 for years as an addition to my acoustic kit--both the unit itself as well as adding some additional pads.  I love it.

I have also used the KAT-KTMP1 for the same situations.  A decent semi-pro unit for a fraction of the price (and fewer inputs), but still with some decent features.
Technique(s) / Moeller Technique
« Last post by Martin Kahl on May 07, 2018, 09:47 AM »
Hello to all

I am new (today) to the site and i have a question.

I live in NYC and i am interested in learning the MOELLER method

Does anyone know of a teacher of this method that they can refer me to ?

I have heard a few names tossed around but i would like to know of a teacher that can be recommended
as being noted for being one of the best for teaching this method

Anyone ? Ideas,recommendations for a fine teacher of this style ?

Thank You all...happy to be in the company of other musicians

Let us know what you end up going with... and what sealed the deal for you.
Thanks Bart for the input! I'll dig a little more into the Roland units, I like the sensitivity aspect of the Yamaha for doing some hand percussion sounds, but quite unsure how often I would use it. Most of the time I'll have sticks in my hand. Still really interested into adding something as a hybrid setup, but also like the option of a mini kit for smaller rooms.
I feel similar to you regarding the Yamaha's small amount of ROM, however this is just the memory space for the sounds you load. It's not terrible; 64 MB Flash-ROM is an industry standard ... but dated in my opinion. The Flash-ROM is just temporary memory... you have to load the sounds, via USB, every time you want to use your own sounds. Just wanted to make sure that you weren't thinking the 64 MB was RAM... because it's not.

I think one of the Roland units would be great. My experience with load times would say that it is a non-issue, especially if you are talking about loading sounds for a specific performance. If you are loading different sounds between songs, there may be enough time required that could cause you some concern, but you won't find any other units that are any faster.

Most of my gear is outboard samplers, using drum triggers as well as a drumKAT. I also have a Roland HandSonic which is loaded with it's on sound library (sampling not available).
Hello Gentleman,

I'm looking to add a Electronic Drum pad to my gear. I've been really looking at the Yamaha DTX Multi 12, but the 64 MB internal memory is moving me toward the Roland line of drum pads. Such as the Roland SPD-SX or SPD30. I like that the Yamaha has a bit more trigger inputs for different scenarios. Doesn't have a lot of storage. Anyone have a lot of experience with this kind of hardware? Also experience with load times of switching setups for different gigs?

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