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Technique(s) / Re: Best way to proceed?
« Last post by Rik Shannon on January 18, 2015, 02:24 AM »
Practice to everything you hear that you want to play (some very cool beats in new music BTW) then find a couple of bands looking for a drummer and go play. Make sure you have decent time...Have fun.
General Board / Re: Drum Remix Video
« Last post by Chip Donaho on January 17, 2015, 06:59 PM »
Good job. I seen you left leg doing a straight 4 beat. I do the same thing but open/close the hat with the rythem.  ;)
General Board / Re: Ultimate DrumKit - Play drums via keyboard
« Last post by Chip Donaho on January 17, 2015, 06:49 PM »
Tim, that's a good one....  ;D
General Board / Re: Ultimate DrumKit - Play drums via keyboard
« Last post by Tim van de Ven on January 16, 2015, 09:52 PM »
Yamaha did this in the 1980s with a little program called MIDI.  ;D
General Board / Ultimate DrumKit - Play drums via keyboard
« Last post by Mihailo Arnaut on January 13, 2015, 09:11 AM »
Hi guys and fellow colleagues :)

I have a free app that I created for Windows platform. It is called Ultimate DrumKit.

It lets you play drums via keyboard - SIMPLE, FAST and EASY.

There are three drumsets but also there is an option for you to import your own sounds into app.

I would really like to hear your opinion and do you have fun using it ;)

Enjoy ;)

Download below:

Technique(s) / Re: Alan Dawson Rudimental Ritual
« Last post by Mariano Perez on January 09, 2015, 02:47 PM »
If I can do it believe me that anyone could reach that speed. I've been playing this routine for 3 years now, once a day from monday to saturday the 365 days of the year. But don't worry about how faster you can play it, slow it down get it clean and relax if still not clean slow it down more until you can play it perfectly from start to end. The technical skills to play faster will come along don't force it

As you said you can work on trouble spots to get better and don't forget to keep your taps down, good luck with it!
Technique(s) / Re: Alan Dawson Rudimental Ritual
« Last post by Brandon Goodwin on January 02, 2015, 12:27 PM »
190bpm! Wow! I don't know if I'll ever get to that tempo. I guess working out individual problem spots could help to achieve this. The tumbao is a great idea. I think I'll try it out next!
I play a LOT of low volume situations.  I used the Erskine's mentioned before, as well as a variety of maple sticks.  Now, however, I rarely step up to sticks unless I need to (rather than the other way around).  Here's what I've found:

I play best, groove best, jell best, whatever you want to call it, when I'm matching the volume to effort levels of the other musicians.  If we hit the climax of a song live and the guitarist is leaning on his vocals and his axe full force, I don't want to just be stepping my effort up from "dainty" to "less dainty".  I would rather be slapping the crap out of my brushes at that point than restricting myself from getting caught up in the music.

Don't get me wrong, if you're doing this occasionally, get yourself a pair of light sticks, mute your drums a bit, and pull it off.  You'll still sound great, and it may likely be a better immediate fit for you if you're used to playing with sticks.

But if this is a longer term position, as it has been with me, start getting used to the tools of that trade.  Cymbal selection is also going to be huge, as you'll need to find best how to fit in the mix volume and EQ wise.  Over the years I've found that I need to have a set of 100% raw cymbals (right now playing K custom raw hats and ride) as well as some higher pitched, washy-er cymbals (right now, k mastersound hats, constantinople light high ride). 

Anyhow, hope some of this brain dump helps! 



I only play brushes when it's the sound that I need to make on my drums. I use the same drumstick for all situations; I change my volume for the situation; I only muffle drums if the sound is what is required; muffling doesn't happen to reduce my volume; I control that, not my drums.

You don't see orchestral snare players switching to brushes during the ppp parts of Bolero; they use the same sticks and control their dynamics. 

I've seen loads of drummers in Montreal (where I live) that beat the tar out of a set of brushes, bundles, or blasticks instead of using sticks; it doesn't sound good and it makes little sense.
I know this is a really old thread, but I wanted to add to it. Has there been any update from the OP on how this worked out from him?

I have Cerebral Palsy and I currently have a worn out right hip. I need to have a hip replacement in June. For years my right hip has been so bad that I've mostly played as an open handed lefty. Though at times I've played with just closed hi-hats and used my left foot on a slave pedal. I'm heading toward needing to play that way again. My CP is spastic, which means my muscles are tighter and in the case of my right leg, I can have spasms, which the bad hip only makes worse. So even keeping the hi-hat closed and doing "minimal duty" is sometimes difficult and if I can play, I get up in pain afterwards.

So what I've usually done in the past is have two hi-hats, one closed enough that I can get some tighter sounds depending on if I use the tip of my stick, or the shaft of my stick on the surface of the hats closer to the bell. I can then use the shaft of the stick on the edge to get slosher sounds to approximate an open note. Then I'll have a second pair that is open either all the way or just enough to get a sloshy sound. I use a DW Incremental Clutch to help dial in the amount of openeness i want.

I agree that some styles of music don't work well with this setup but they're few. Mostly disco and dance styles that require constant opening and closing. But I've found that as long as you play confidently with the setup and find other ways to fill the space that the open hi-hat would normally take up, either with splash chokes or hits, and light hits on the cymbals, most people won't notice or care, and that includes the band.
Technique(s) / Re: Alan Dawson Rudimental Ritual
« Last post by Mariano Perez on December 31, 2014, 11:29 AM »
I've been playing the ritual daily since 3 years ago. It's an excelent routine, my hand technique have been improved a lot since I started playing it. I think the key is to make a big difference between unaccented and accented notes playing the taps very soft. I've played it in all tempos from very slow to very fast, 190bmp it's the fastest I've played it, but I think it's more important to play it clean than fast. I've played with samba and baion ostinato on feet. But the most i like is with the tumbao

This is my first message in the community. I'm spanish native speaker so I hope you can understand me because my english it's not so good  :P
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