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Inequality Between the Hands
« on: January 22, 2002, 08:30 AM »
hey Bartman, I'm really new to drums (only been playing 8 months) I am making quite good progress, but I'm having trouble with my 16ths! i can't seem to keep a constant beat on the high hat when I hit the snare, there seems to be a very slight gap in the beat. I have tried various ways of cutting this out, I have tried to play with my left hand leading the beat (I am right handed) cause I think its maybe becuse my left hand is slower than my right hand so I am trying to strengthen it. If you have any techniques that could make my 16ths better I would be VERY much obliged! thanks!  ;D


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Working on Eveness between the Hands
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2002, 11:18 AM »
Great question! It would be easier for me to show you what to work on ... but with the medium we are currently, I'll just have to do my best to throw out a couple of ideas for you to work on.

There are MANY ways to deal with this issue, so these are just a few basic approaches to deal with you 16th-note problem; in no particular order.

  • Relax. Be sure that you warm up and stay relaxed when you play. If you feel yourself getting tense, slow down or stop and take a break.

  • Get a metronome; one that will play sixteenth-notes so you can play along with it.

  • Count out loud. Your brain needs to understand what it is you are wanting to play before you try can get all the motor skills develop to actually play it. If you understand mentally, you should be able to verbalize it ... FIRST. This will make the actual playing much easier in the long run.

  • Practice slowly. Any time you notice that something is not right, slow down. Find the tempo that you can play at, even if it's 40 bpm (beats per minute). Most people practice new things way too fast and never fully develop control over the coordination.

  • Isolate the problem. Be sure that you can first play sixteenth-notes evenly on one surface (drum) before trying to have lateral movement (two or more surfaces). Once you can play even sixteenth-notes, try moving to a second surface. In your case, you would play all the sixteenth-notes on the hihat while bringing the right hand over to hit the snare. Don't play the kick drum until you've mastered the smoothness in the hands.

  • Work on various stickings. This could be anything from the Stick Control book (pp. 3-5) to the 40 Standard Rudiments. Being able to a variety of things as well as more difficult things will only help make it all much easier ... over time.

  • Practice Methodically. By this I mean to give careful attention to what you are doing ... and applying all of the above suggestions. Speed will come with time, so be patient. Listen to the sounds you are producing. Watch that you are playing with the sticks moving straight up and down.
Hope this helps you a little bit. Let me know of your progress.


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