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first concert
« on: April 08, 2002, 12:19 AM »
i'm playing my first concert after 2 weeks, so i'm a little scared, because i don't know how will i feel with drums that will be there. i'm going to take my bass pedal, but maybe u could suggest me anything about that?.. and how should i prepare for it? play a lot, or not to play few days before it, or anything... thanks.

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Re:first concert
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2002, 06:10 AM »
When you say two weeks ... do you mean you've only been playing for that long? Or do you mean you've been rehearsing with the band for that long? Sorry, it's a little confusing.

I would ALWAYS practice ... every day ... if nothing else, at least on a practice pad.

For the concert you want to make sure you body is fully warmed up; stretch, eat, relax, etc. Spend some time playing and warming up your hands and feet; on a real kit if possible.

It's a good idea that you are taking your kick drum pedal with you. I typically take my pedals, snare drum, drum throne and cymbals with me. The only gear I end up using is the kick, toms and hardware (meaning cymbals stands, etc.).

The idea is to get you as comfortable as possible. If you have the time and allowed to move the drums around to where you feel the most comfortable ... DO IT!!! A lot of times, if you are playing in concert with another band, you won't have time to move stuff around much and/or the owner of the drums doesn't want you messing with HIS set-up. Just do what you can and are allowed to do.

I never know what kind of shape a kit my be in; that's why I take along a little survival bag with cymbal washers, sleeves, wing nuts, etc. I don't want my nice cymbals getting ruined on some stand that lacks the proper protection.

Do what you can to prepare mentally and stay focused on the music. Once the concert starts you can't be thinking about your set-up or gear issues. Just let it go and play. Oh ... and above all ..... have fun!


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