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The Art of Drumming - TOP 30 Study Materials
« on: April 16, 2002, 08:45 PM »
Bartman wrote:
Have you ever wanted to pick-up a few books for your drum library and just be at a lost as to what to buy next? Well here is my list of must have books that should be in every drummer's library; student to professional. If you don't have a library ... now you know where to start!

The list is a GREAT idea.  I want all 30, but I'm lost as to which to work through FIRST.  Could you suggest the  first 6 or 7 for a student to master?  My Chief Financial Officer (and wife) thanks you in advance ;D

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Re:The Art of Drumming - TOP 30 Study Materials
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2002, 09:20 PM »
Sounds like a good idea; thanks for the suggestion.

In case someone is reading this thread and has not seen, my original list ... here it is:

I do want to say that I don't think you should master any of these books before you buy any others. Most of these books are life-long study books which you will use over and over and over again ... and till you go to meet your Maker.

Here's my suggestions; please remember this is only my opinion of what I would get first.

  • Stick Control by George Stone
  • Accents and Rebounds by George Stone
  • Syncopation by Ted Reed
  • Bass Drum Control (Revised Edition) by Colin Bailey
  • Modern Reading Text in 4/4 by Louis Bellson
  • The New Breed by Gary Chester
I chose these six because they focus on overall technique and coordination skills. These six books (as well as others) can be used in numerous ways; you could live off these six books for the rest of your life ... if you had to.

I REALLY Developing Dexterity and would probably include it as the seven choice. The only reason I didn't include it with the six is because it has some sections that are much like Stick Control.  However, if you can get Developing Dexterity please get it; it's around $10.00 and has tons of possibilities.

My other back-up suggestion would be to get some style books, in which I would recommend:
  • Essential Styles - Book 1 (with CD) by Steve Houghton
  • Essential Styles - Book 2 (with CD) by Steve Houghton
You have a chance to learn a lot of styles, plus have something to practice to besides a metronome; it's a blast!

Here's just a few ways in which you can expand these six books!


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