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Tom Heads And TUNING
« on: February 22, 2002, 05:35 PM »
What kind of a tom sound will you get if you just have the batter head (no bottom head) i have powerstroke 3's for batters. I have 12" and 16" toms. I am trying to find a tom sound that I like. I like my toms tuned high and tight, but I get a lot of buzz from my snare because i like my piccolo snare really tight...i have tried to get them tuned diferently, but i havent been succesful yet. I have 1 moongel on my 12" and 2 on my 16" and 1 on my piccolo. thanks for your info and help.

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Re: Tom Heads And TUNING
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2002, 06:38 AM »
If you only use the batter head on your toms, removing the bottom resonant head, you'll end up with what is called a Concert Tom. Concert Toms are drums specifically made with a batter (top) head.

I would describe the sound of these drums as follows:
  • sharp Attack / quick Decay (all depending on how the drums are tuned)
  • Barrel or canon type quality to the timbre; depending on the depth of the shell.
Phil Collins made use of these qualities for many years, although his sound was heavily processed.

I'm personally not a big fan of taking the bottom heads off the toms. I think you can get the sound you want by leaving the bottom heads on. Concert Toms are a whole different instrument in my opinion, as it's sound is unique.

If you are going to go with just the batter head, I would not use the Powerstroke heads. I would first try a single-ply head, maybe one with a dot (ala Tony Williams) such as the CS series from Remo. I think a better choice would be something like the Studio-X from Aquarian. The Studio-X will naturally roll-off the high end frequencies while still providing a sharp attack. Using a two-ply head will enhance the lower frequencies of the drum and smooth out your attack.

I'm only speculating with what it is you are looking for. I know it's hard to explain, in words, what it is you are wanting. Hope this helps a little bit.


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