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Jose Pasillas

Jose Pasillas' first day as a drummer was his first day in Incubus, the band he formed with high school buddies. 20 years later, Incubus is a multi-platinum, Billboard Award-winning critical and commercial favorite, and Pasillas is one of music's most respected drummers. Now, the Calabasas High graduate whose only form of training was "two years of air drums" continues to divine a unique path through art with the announcement of 'Abstract + Rhythm Landscapes', his first full collection of fine art, where drumsticks are paintbrushes and canvas becomes a vessel of sound through the innovations of SceneFour, the Los Angeles creativity house trailblazing the borders of sound and vision.

A passionate visual artist who's work has been utilized in various ways by Incubus, Pasillas has spent the last several months working on 'Abstract + Rhythm'. "Though I've been doing artwork all my life, this is my first full collection for public view," exclaims Jose. The collection is comprised of 100 large pieces, each depicting a sonic landscape where rhythm is translated onto canvas through the use of a sophisticated process that converts drumstrokes into color and light. Each piece in the collection is numbered and signed by Pasillas, with several modified by hand. "I've always been a big fan of Banksy, Shepard Fairey and the whole stencil revolution, and I've slowly started incorporating those kinds of ideas and elements into my canvases. I also like repetition, and stenciling is perfect for repetition."

"Abstract + Rhythm" is the most recent project from Scenefour (scenefour.com), the art collective specializing in the conceptual and design of collaborative artwork with musical icons. The RZA of Wu-Tang Clan, Bootsy Collins of Parliament/James Brown fame, and Chuck D of Public Enemy are just a handful of Scenefour’s collaborators, whose work can be seen in their 2011 book Come Together. “Abstract + Rhythm” joins the “Art Of Drums” series alongside collections from Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen. Guns N Roses drummer Matt Sorum and Jane’s Addiction stickman Stephen Perkins.

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