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Everything from major drum manufacturers to custom and boutique drum makers.

Bart Elliott gives you a sample taste of what you can expect from a broad selection of Snare drums made from a wide assortment of materials.

The Drummer Cafe doesn't sell these drums, we just put you in touch with those that do.

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Ancient Tree Drums 13x7 River Recovered Heart Cypress Snare Drum 1067
Antonio Drums 4.5x14 Solid Maple Shell Snare Drum 959
Ayotte Drums 5.5x14 Stainless Steel Snare Drum 1197
Baltimore Drum Company 14x6.5 Solid Hickory Snare Drum 1890
Bello Drum Company 7x13 Fiberglass Snare Drum 793
Black Swamp 14x6.5 Orchestral Solid Maple Snare Drum 1407
Black Swamp 14x6.5 Titanium Elite Snare Drum 1588
Boogie Woodie 6x14 BW Solid Mahogany Shell Snare Drum 785
Boogie Woodie 6x14 BW Solid Maple Shell Snare Drum 879
Boom Alley 5x14 Solid Oak Snare Drum 807
Canopus 6.5x14 Zelkova One-Piece Hollowed Snare Drum 943
Dixon Drums 5.5x14 Artisan Equator Snare Drum 1040
Dixon Drums DS-0613-RWD Rosewood Snare Drum 2011
Drum Foundry 13x6.5 Titanium Snare Drum 1653
Drum Foundry 14x6.5 Stainless Snare Drum 1396
Drum Workshop 14x5.5 Collector's COB Snare Drum 853
Drum Workshop 14x5.5 Super Solid Maple 2455
Drummer's Dream CM1406 Curly Maple Snare Drum 1467
Dunnett Classic Drums 14x4.5 Stanton Moore Signature Snare Drum 2377
Dunnett Classic Drums 14x6.5 Magnesium Snare Drum 1274
Dunnett Classic Drums 14x6.5 Titanium Snare Drum 2410
Ellis Drum Company 14x5 Vintage Tweed Snare Drum 1602
Envy Percussion 13x3 Maple Snare Drum 662
Envy Percussion 14x7 Walnut Snare Drum 724
Famous Drum Company 14x5.5 Tone Ring Snare Drum 1310
Famous Drum Company 14x5.5 Wenge-Bubinga Snare Drum 1688
Famous Drum Company 14x6.5 ART Series Snare Drum 1284
Famous Drum Company 14x6.5 Turbine Snare Drum 1701
Famous Drum Company 14x6.5 Two by Four Snare Drum 1551
Fidock Handcrafted Drums 14x6.5 Blackwood 1557
George Way 14x6.5 Hollywood COB Snare Drum 1993
George Way Drums 14x6.5 Aero Snare Drum 1687
George Way Drums, Advance Custom GW654A-X Curly Maple 1597
Gretsch 14x5 Phosphor Bronze Snare Drum 2134
Gretsch Drums 14x6 Brooklyn Series BNOB Snare Drum 1109
Heirloom Drum Company 14x6 Maple Stave 1461
Jeff Ocheltree 14x6.5 Heavy Metals Snare Drum 2733
Jeff Ocheltree Drums 14x7 Starlite Acrylic 2063
Jon Cross 14x6.5 Purpleheart / Pink Ivory / Ebony Snare Drum 1000
Jon Cross 14x7 African Blackwood Snare Drum 844
Joyful Noise Drum Company 14x4 Deluxe Black Brass Snare Drum 2309
Joyful Noise Drum Company 14x5 Studio Series Snare Drum 1481
Joyful Noise Drum Company 14x5 TKO Snare Drum 1793
Joyful Noise Drum Company 14x6.5 BNOB Snare Drum 1456
Joyful Noise Drum Company 14x6.5 Bronze Snare Drum 2466
Joyful Noise Drum Company 14x6.5 Cocobolo Snare Drum 1788
Joyful Noise Drum Company 14x6.5 Conquered Snare Drum 2444
Joyful Noise Drum Company 14x6.5 Covent Garden Concert Series Snare Drum 1963
Joyful Noise Drum Company 14x6.5 Majestic Elite Snare Drum 2190
Joyful Noise Drum Company 14x6.5 NOB Snare Drum 1459
Joyful Noise Drum Company 14x6.5 Scrolled Elite Snare Drum 1867
Joyful Noise Drum Company 14x6.5 TKO Snare Drum 3118
Joyful Noise Drum Company 14x6.5 Winged Elite Snare Drum 1674
Joyful Noise Drum Company LB6514 Legacy Flamed Birch Snare Drum 1989
Joyful Noise Drum Company LM5014 Legacy Figured Maple Snare Drum 1483
Joyful Noise Drum Company LM510 Legacy Figured Maple Snare Drum 1500
Joyful Noise Drum Company LM6514 Legacy Figured Maple Snare Drum 1551
Longo Custom Drums 14x5 Walnut 1974
Luka Percussion 14x6 Maple Solid Shell 2067
MCD 5.5X14 Orange Cocobolo Solid Shell Snare Drum 734
MCD 6.5x14 Peruvian Walnut Solid Shell Snare Drum 697
MCD Percussion 14x5.5 SS Bubinga 1562
MEKA 14x6 Teak Custom 1526
Noble & Cooley 14x5 Classic Oak 1531
Nüvo Drums 14x6.5 Mahogany/Maple Snare Drum 628
Nüvo Drums 14x7 Walnut/Mahogany/Maple Snare Drum 663
P. Ellis 14x6.5 "The Widowmaker" BNOB Snare Drum 836
Paradigm Drums 14x5 Eco Friendly Pine 1342
Pearl HH1580 Philharmonic Limited Edition Snare Drum 1996
RCI Starlite 14x6 Super Duty Acrylic 1917
RCI Starlite 14x6.5 Atomic Bomb 1854
Ron Soyden Custom 14x5.5 Vintage Ludwig Tribute 1546
Ron Soyden Custom Drums 14x6.5 Bubinga 1320
SJC Custom Drums SJC-R1 1448
Square Drum 14-inch Clear Acrylic 1902
Stanbridge Drum Company 12.5x5 Erosion Series 1787
Stanbridge Drum Company 14x5.5 Rosewood 1413
Stanbridge Drum Company 14x6 Cocobolo - Leopardwood 1753
Tama Starphonic 14x6 Bell Brass Snare Drum 1416
Tama Starphonic 14x6 COB Snare Drum 1251
Taye Drums 14x6 Studio Birch Snare Drum 1817
Taye Drums 14x6.5 Stainless Steel Snare Drum 1657
Taye Drums 14x7 Studio Maple Snare Drum 2262
Tommy Maras 14x8 Aluminum Beast Snare Drum 1811
Witt Percussion 14x5.5 Maple 1772
Witt Percussion 14x5.5 Solid Ash 1787
Wood Drum Company 13x4 Signature Oak 1513
WorldMax 14x6.5 Gold Black Dawg Snare Drum 2821
Yamaha MSD-1465 Sensitive Series 2701
Yamaha VSD-1460 Vintage Series 2149
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