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  J.C. Deagan

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Tuesday, November 06, 2018 (This event repeats every year)

This event occurs in the UTC time zone.

J.C. Deagan

J.C. Deagan, born John Calhoun Deagan on November 6, 1853 in Hector, New York, was the founder of the Deagan company, makers of mallet percussion instruments, located in Saint Louis, Missouri, in 1880. Deagan moved the firm to Chicago, Illinois early in the twentieth century. A professional clarinetist, Deagan was fascinated with the science of acoustics as well as the theory and practice of tuning. In 1910 he pushed, successfully, for the adoption of A=440 as the standard pitch for American orchestras.

J.C. Deagan died on April 28, 1934.

Recorded in 1985, Bart Elliott is performing a Fritz Kreisler composition, "Tambourin Chinois",
on a 4-octave, Deagan Xylophone (c. 1908).

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