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I've always enjoyed using a lot of different drum and percussion set-ups, allowing the music genre I'm playing in, the type of group I'm playing for, the venue I'm playing at, and my overall mood to guide me. One thing that I am consistent about, however, is making sure my set-ups feel ergonomically sound.

Bart Elliott

Bart Elliott is a degreed professional musician currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee. His 39+ years in the music industry, over 100 albums to his credit, as well as his understanding of contemporary and classical music, makes him a complete and skilled master musician. A highly sought after drummer and percussionist, both live and in the studio, Bart is widely known as a top music educator, consultant and gifted teacher, appearing as a guest artist and clinician throughout the USA and abroad.

Bart Elliott is the founder and sole proprietor of DrummerCafe.com (f/k/a Drum Ring International) — established in December 1996.