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Drummer Cafe 20th Anniversary
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The Care & Feeding of DrumsIn this series of video lessons I explain, in detail, the various parts of the Snare drum, demonstrate how to replace the top (batter) and bottom (resonant) drumheads, as well as how to tune the drum and make minor adjustments. Lots of good tips and suggestions to help you get the best sound from your drum.

Be watching in the future for more video footage on tuning your Tom Toms and Kick/Bass drum.

Bart Elliott Bart Elliott is a degreed professional musician and founder of the Drummer Cafe. His 35+ years in the music industry, over 100 albums to his credit, as well as his understanding of contemporary and classical music, makes him a complete and skilled master musician. A highly sought after drummer and percussionist, both live and in the studio, Bart is widely known as a top music educator and gifted teacher, appearing as a guest artist and clinician throughout the USA.

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