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Bruce Guttridge

Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Bruce Guttridge grew up in a musical family and received his first drum on his 4th birthday; he has been playing drums ever since. "My mother was a classically trained pianist, and had me study piano, as well as marimba," says Guttridge. "I also briefly enjoyed a summer with a rented baritone sax when I was a kid. I love the fact that my mother and father would play not only jazz, but much classical music, pipe music, Polynesian and Indonesian music and lots of Souza marches."

Throughout his formative years, Bruce had the opportunity to work with some of the most talented musicians in the Washington D.C./Baltimore metropolitan area. At the age of 15, he left high school to pursue his professional career — playing local parties and eventually clubs in Georgetown, MD.

A self-proclaimed rock drummer who leans towards music that "has a swing to it," Guttridge draws musical inspiration from a diverse list of musicians such as Count Basie, James Brown, Joni Mitchell, Weather Report, and Bruce Springsteen, plus drumming greats like Buddy Rich, Billy Cobham, and Steve Gadd.

Although he has studied drums with the likes of John Rudolph, Gary Rockwell, Joe Morello, Henry Adler, and Gary Chaffee, Bruce continues to grow as a musician, being impacted by his peers and friends in the music industry. "My professional influences, along with their friendships, include Bobby Manriquez, Ken Navarro, Gary Grainger, Chester Thompson and Dennis Chambers," says Guttridge. "These are some of the individuals I’ve learned from and who have influenced me, not only through their talented musical abilities but as importantly, experiences and thoughts they’ve shared with me about music."

Drumming is not the only thing Bruce has his hands in. He composes his own music, engineers / mixes and produces numerous artists, and has owned three independent recording studios.

Currently residing in in Nashville, Tennessee while working with music artists both locally and nationally, Bruce had this to say about his endeavors thus far: "Up to this point, music and rhythm have consumed my thoughts, though I’ve managed to raise two great children and make a little money here and there ... helping to support my music career."

Bruce Guttridge playing drums on the Donald Fagen / Steely Dan classic, "Black Friday,"
for the Nashville Drummers Jam 3 - Tribute to Jeff Porcaro.

Video recorded by BAE Productions at the Douglas Corner Cafe on September 9, 2013.

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