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Title: A cool 'fellow drummer' tale
Post by: smoggrocks on May 10, 2006, 01:29 PM
i was sitting next to this dude at the mike stern gig i recently attended, and i kept thinking to myself, 'man, this dude looks really familiar.' but i just couldn't place the face.

well we got to chatting, and he turned out to be a drummer as well. i asked about where he learned to play, etc., and he said he was self-taught, but that his dad was in a pretty famous latin band, so he learned a lot from that. i asked the band name, and he said 'orchestra broadway.'

my ears buzzed, coz i grew up listening to that band. so i asked, 'do you mean tiqui tiqui's orchestra broadway?' and he confirmed it, and i bugged out, because my dad was roommates with that band's pianist, back in like '73 or so.

turns out the pianist is this guy's uncle. he immediately got on the phone to call him and ask if he remembered my dad, which he did.

so it was a cool little connection. it's always nice to meet a fellow cuban-american; generally it's an 'insta-bond' thing. and i am hooking up my dad with an old friend, which is nice.

anyhow, this guy's name is ivan zervigon, and he's definitely a talented chap who's played with some names. he gave me the link to his band's site. they're a latin fusiony band called 'for if the flies.' their website has some cool [slightly crude] video of them jamming out at a miami club.

cheggum out.