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Title: Drum Aerobics Free Video Companion
Post by: Andy Ziker on December 06, 2010, 01:56 PM
Influenced by the way David Stanoch has supplemented his amazing book, Mastering the Tables of Time (Alfred), I am now offering free video clips and charts of the 25 drumless play-alongs from my book, Drum Aerobics (Hal Leonard), on my website:  http://www.andyziker.com]www.andyziker.com . Dan Tomlinson (Lyle Lovett, Acoustic Alchemy) and I recorded ourselves at Treehouse Studio in Tempe, AZ and had it filmed by Lisa Webb of Southwest Shots. The charts were done by the composer of the play-alongs, a good friend of mine, Dave Ihlenfeld.
My hope is that these video clips will provide a frame of reference to those who acquire Drum Aerobics. Because these are also YouTube clips, I invite drummers to "put up" their own versions of these songs.
Dan and I were so glad to be done with this three-day session that we recorded a totally ad-hoc solo duet that also now appears on YouTube. Hope you enjoy!