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Title: Shameless Michael says: New CD is out! Mexican Bus Ride: Tequila Wheels
Post by: Michael Beechey on June 28, 2015, 03:11 PM

live off the floor, no click...obviously!.. fyi the previous CD Tracks in the Sand is before my time

I realllllly dislike recording...being under a microscope etc...my playing is generally too random to record well, I take lots of chances, some of which pay out.....

I took my training wheels app LiveBpm with me but they wouldn't let me use it..."it will isolate you too much"...took 2 bass drums, a 26 Cat Jazz and a 22 maple Renown...and told the producer/engineer who owned the studio who we were hiring (!) that I wanted to try a different bass drum sound..like the old two headed big band days......fiddle fiddle....no go... "not manageable" so I ended up using my Renowns with an 80s Luddie bass drum that belongs to Pat Steward and which was used on The Summer of 65 Bryan Adams record....sounded like a cardboard box at my end, but it was "manageable" and easily EQd...blame it on the pillows and Ringo era. that era of engineer only understand one sound.

it went downhill from there...engineer didn't like my ghost notes, snare notes, fills "sounds like someone falling down the stairs", using crash cymbals... etc etc etc etc   opinionated son of a gun!