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Title: Tuning toms to notes or perfect 4th's with a Tune-Bot
Post by: beyondbetrayal on March 14, 2019, 06:44 PM
Here is a video I made tuning my toms to perfect 4th's using the Tune-bot


A few quick points

1- These heads were replaced over a year ago when I recorded an album. They have been used almost daily for a year and still worked out pretty good.

2- I tuned my drums over 4 days ago and have played a lot so they are not in perfect tune now. (still sound good)

3- I did minimal processing. There is a slight limiter/compressor on the main channel to prevent clipping. I put some small EQ on the toms to make it represent the natural sound more. There is a dip at 500hz, and a small boost around 100-200hz. as well as 6000 I think. Noting too crazy. It sounded fantastic while playing these in the room.

I am sold on tuning to specific notes now in the same scale.. I'm going to try many more combos. Keep an eye out for a snare video as well.