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Ebay auctions
« on: October 29, 2005, 06:11 PM »
So, Ive been watching an item on Ebay for the last 5 days.  The auction is whats called a "live" auction, and one had to pre-register (which I did) and be approved to participate in the auction.  This particular auction was put on by a well known auction house down in L.A.

There was a ton of very rare rock-n-roll memorabilia, some were extreme rarities indeed.  Autographs-set lists from concerts-handwritten notes etc......the item I was after was a pair of Promuco 5b sticks used at a 1977 show at the Forum in L.A. by the late John Bonham.  The sticks were the real deal-and concert used.  Bonzos sticks were all embossed with his name on them.  The show they were used at was the same show Keith Moon played Bonzos kit.   I was at that show.  The show was also known as the "badgeholder" show.

So, I wake up today-and start my day doing my usual chores around the house.  Next, I get side tracked by the wife and wind up getting involved with our horses.  One thing leads to another, AND I FRIKKIN MISSED THE AUCTION!  The sticks were bought by a bidder the auction floor at the L.A. convention center.  They sold for $1000.00 and I was sickened by my lack of attention to the auction.  Im really bummed.  I cant believe I totally blew it and missed out.  While a few folks have single sticks supposedly used by Bonham-thats extremely rare.  See, Bonham NEVER tossed his sticks to the crowd. Never.  If one was lucky enough to be backstage, he'd hand 'em out.  And this was a pair.  A full kit owned and played by Bonham would be the Holy Grail of Bonham memorabilia.  These were the next best thing-


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Re:Ebay auctions
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2005, 12:35 AM »
Jeez -- I was trying to think of something to cheer you up, but that IS a bummer.

I missed out on a cymbal on eBay a couple months ago -- someone outbid me at the last second -- and I was bummed for days. And it was just a crummy cymbal.

Sorry you missed the sticks.

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Ebay auctions
« Reply #2 on: October 30, 2005, 01:48 AM »
Yes, sorry about the sticks.

Future food for thought - check into esnipe

I see something I want to bid for on ebay, I figure out the absolute highest price I'm willing to go, place this bid with esnipe and they post it on ebay 6 seconds before the auction closes.

I don't keep track of the schedule, and rarely even go back and peek. When the auction closes I get an email saying whether I won or lost - no more keeping track of auction times, etc. Has woked great for me.

Not sure if this would've worked with a live auction, you'd have to check that out.



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