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Battle of the Bands
« on: March 05, 2006, 12:18 PM »
Hey everyone,
This last Friday, my band competed in a local/regional Battle of the Bands.  Overall the night was pretty decent.  10 bands were in the running.  Nearly all were screamo/punk bands, which isn't my personal favorite, but I listen fairly.  The 1st Place band DEFINITELY deserved the win.  They did very, very, very well.  And I personally dug their guitarists style.  Also MUST give credit to their drummer/lead vocalist.  Yeah, the guy did quite well.   My band took 3rd Place and $200 prize (3 members), so that was pretty cool. But on to the main point of my ranting...

Normally (and everyone knows this), I am not big on stage presense.  I don't mean like just a few things and nothing big, I mean like...nothing at all.  No crowd interaction.  It's something I have been working on for....well since I started playing.  I have a horrible fear that I am going to try and get the crowd into it and they won't, so I'll look stupid (as a 6'4" guy trying such a thing would).   But at Battle Friday night, I finally did it.  There was a break or two in one of our songs, where there is simply a lot of cymbal noise (a stop-time break).  I stood up (keeping noise going with one hand on a crash) above my kit and started waving the crowd to get them riled up... and they came right back at me!  HUGE breakthrough in one area of my playing.  Not to mention that I didn't make any mistakes, and actually added some cool new fills in from I might usually do.  I was also kinda worried about my double-bass riffs (as I don't practice a whole lot on dbl bass, or really put a whole lot of importance on it), but I nailed those, too.  

It was a great night for me personally, and we could have lost and I would have walked away happy (although 3rd place was kinda nice).  I just felt I had to share.

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Re:Battle of the Bands
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2006, 01:31 PM »
Stage presence can make or break a bands live performance. Look at a band like Poison from the 80's, stage presence was all they had and they did pretty good for themselves.

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Re:Battle of the Bands
« Reply #2 on: March 05, 2006, 04:19 PM »
Man, Look at KISS.  Now there is a band everybody went to see for their great music.  All Stage presence and show!!!
Because I sing lead vocals and play drums, it does make it hard to be the showman all the time so I get my bass player dancing and the guitar player, well he needs to work on it some but he is really funny in the mic. I remember in the days of KISS in the 70's.
We used Flash Paper, Condenced Smoke, I blew fire out of my mouth.  We built different light boxes and back then we sucked.
We played after Kenny Whalen and the Travelers and we made the news paper and it said RIP blew Kenny Whalen out.  Man that felt good but it was all a big stage show that did it, not the music. I remember the teen age girls dragging my lead guitar player off the stage.  He went on the road finally to play with a band called Tangent for 12 years.  The stage show/presence is everything.
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