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Dub Trio
« on: April 28, 2006, 11:41 AM »
Hey guys,

I saw a great band last night and thought i should give you a heads up.

Lots of times, i'll got to a show and the drummer(or band) will make me think one of two things:

1.  His/the band's playing is somewhere between bad and good.  I might enjoy the music, but it doesn't blow me away.  It inspires me to really push my band because "we are just as good, and we should be on that stage."

2.  The drummer (and/or the rest of the band) is phenominal.  Then i think "why do i even THINK i could be a musician, when guys like THIS are making music??"

Last night's drummer left me feeling #2.  He was soooo good.  Not only was his drumming great, but he was also running his drums through crazy delay  effects, and using lots of samples.  I learned so much from watching him.

Check out Dub Trio if you can.


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