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Great Service
« on: May 02, 2006, 12:36 AM »
Last week Soul Tone cymbals got back to me and said they will give me an endorsement deal of 70% off. ( after reading the thread here months ago I looked into them and played a cymbal at a store here in CT that had some. Can't recall the store name but I was in the area and walked in just because ) So I got my contract and signed it...but before I sent it back I sent them another e-mail asking if I could do a payment plan since I don't have $900 just on me ( yea I need THAT many cymbals,lol ) So today the president of the company Iki calls me and tells me that they want me as an artist and they are more than willing to do a plan with me where I send them so much per month for the cymbals they are sending me. I thought I would share because not many people would do that...little own the president of the company. That shows they care and they are there for us drummers. They have definatly earned a great name with with the cymbals themselves and that type of response to a question.