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Hendrik Meurkens
« on: May 19, 2006, 03:22 AM »
I heard "Amazon River" the other day on Music Choice.  What a sweet little tune; it has such a happy yet longing spirit to it, and a neat bounce.

I suggest everyone run right over to , where you'll hear a low-fi excerpt of "Amazon River", and peruse the wonder that I just discovered myself a short time ago.

Apparently Herr Meurkens is also a virtuoso on the vibraphone, a fact I would have used to my advantage were I to not post this in the Misc. section in favor of, say, General or Percussion.  However, given the activity in Misc. over the past few days (and by such luminaries!), I am in high hopes that an obscure entry as this stands the same chance of scrutiny here.
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