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Breed 77 Live
« on: September 22, 2006, 01:16 PM »
Has anybody heard of them? Theyre a flamenco metal band of gibraltan origin. Theyre my favourite metal band (along with tool). I went to see them live in birmingham (uk) yesterday. IT WAS AMAZING! I was at the front about two metres away from the band. It was the best experiance of my life. The first gig i've been to where i truley know every single one of the songs. I shook their hands and told them how much i loved them and they were so nice to everyone and things. Paul Isola (the singer) kept complete control of the audience (as far as i could see) and Adam Lewis the brand new drummer was amazing and spellbinding. Thats not all, the support act (last stop china town) were also one of the best warm up acts ive ever seen (apart from breed who i saw warming up for fear factory). I just wanted to share my love for a good gig and to spread the growing reputation of a very original band.
And heres the support act...]
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