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Community Forum - Member Roster
« on: May 26, 2007, 07:50 AM »
Per recent inquiries, I thought I would share a little info with you.

The total members here at the Drummer Cafe community forum has been sitting at 2,200-2,300 since the beginning of 2007, which is fantastic! Many of you may not know this, but these numbers represent ACTIVE registered members, which gives even more weight to the total number. Let me explain.

If you would visit other drum forums on the Internet and look at their statistics (usually found at the bottom of the page), you'd see that their membership numbers are far higher than here at the Drummer Cafe. While it may look impressive, the numbers are deceiving ... especially if you are comparing them to the numbers here at Drummer Cafe. So why the big difference?

Early in the life of the Drummer Cafe, I established a policy of deleting members who hadn't visited or logged into the forum for over 90-days. There are a lot of reasons why I chose to do this. Two big reasons were: 1) I was getting a lot of bounced email from members having invalid email addresses, and 2) I would never have an accurate count as to the forum's progress if I only counted the number of people had registered at some point in time. If you look at our,com_smf/Itemid,2/action,stats]forum stats  and just add up all the NEW MEMBERS the Drummer Cafe has acquired since April 2002, we'd have over 15,000 members! And that doesn't even include the existing members prior to this date which was easier around 1,000 since the Drummer Cafe first began in December of 2001.

This year I've changed how I control the member roster by only removing accounts which have not logged in for one-year (rather than 90-days). The reason I did this is that I realized that not everyone is into visiting the forum as regular as I do ... which is everyday! In fact there are many of you who for one reason or another were removed from the roster and had to register again. This can be very frustrating at times ... for everyone. I decided that keeping the membership current within the one-year (365 day) login guideline was a fair and balanced approach. If a member has logged in within the past year, I consider them to be active. So aside from removing inactive members, the ocassional "bad apple", and the weekly spammer, we are doing very well.

I think that most of us understand that a healthy community is based on the quality of it's members, not the quantity. Speaking of quality, we have over 160 VIP Members here at the Drummer Cafe; that's over 7% of our active membership! To have 7% of our members financially support this free, non-commercial drum forum is incredible and says a lot for our community! It costs me hundreds of dollars every month to operate and maintain this website, so we need to thank our,com_wrapper/Itemid,6/]VIP Membership  for doing their part in making this site available to the world ... and to you.

So if you are worried about the numbers ... don't ... or at least know what the numbers mean here at the Drummer Cafe. You can't compare our numbers with other forums because it's apples and oranges. 
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