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Who Does This Song???
« on: July 02, 2007, 10:47 PM »
I heard a song on the radio a while back and all my efforts to find out who performed it have met with failure.  Perhaps the collective wisdom of the cafe members can solve this one.

If I remember correctly it was The House of Blues program on a Sunday night where they played an hour or two of blues music.  The theme for the night was food.  The song in question had to do with a buffet, with each instrument being some particular food from the buffet.  The guy on the mic would call out an instrument and relate it to a food.  For example the drums might be the meat and the bass the potatos.  So we have the "meat and potatos" laying a solid foundation down.  I could be wrong, but it seemed like a recording from a live show.

He went on introducing each instrument until the whole band was playing.  It was a rock'n blues tune.  The name of the band was something like Howling Wolf or Bad Boy Hawkins.  You know....the typical Blues band name. ;D   I searched high and low on the Internet and the music bins and can't find anything.  My guess is that the song might be from the '70s or '80s, but could be more recent.  I base this on the fact that the production was pretty darn good, perhaps too good to be any older.  Anyone have a clue?


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