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Wood Properties
« on: December 18, 2007, 08:26 PM »
Quite a little while ago, I was looking up the various properties of different woods. I came across a site that pictured snares of ALL different wood types, and each picture was a link that you could click on to find a GREAT amount of information on that type of wood including (but not limited to):

Hardness       Density
Color            Where it grows and in what size
Tonal Characteristics including how it sounded compared to a maple snare control drum.

I've searched the DC, Ghostnote and several other forums searching for somewhere with this information, and not can I not find the site I remember, but I am hard pressed to find ANY site giving ANYWHERE NEAR that amount of information on the various tonal characteristics of different woods.

Does anyone have an idea of the site I am referring to? Is it still around? If it's not, what is the best alternative?

Any help and discussion is always helpful, and thanks in advance!  :)

Todd Norris

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Re: Wood Properties
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2007, 09:11 PM »
The Head Drums website has a section about woods:

Oh, here's probably what you want:  Drum Solo by Gaylord:


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Re: Wood Properties
« Reply #2 on: December 19, 2007, 07:02 PM »
As far as different wood hardness goes:

And for most, if not all of the different woods, look here:

I've worked with Kingwood and Purpleheart, and I've seen various other exotics in person, and I'd love to see a drumset with a veneer of some of them.


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Re: Wood Properties
« Reply #3 on: December 19, 2007, 07:40 PM »
AHH!! THANK YOU!!! DrumSolo was the one I had in mind, and thank God it's still around. After searching so many places I can't believe it didn't show up somewhere. Thanks to you both for the help!

Bart Elliott

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Re: Wood Properties
« Reply #4 on: January 06, 2008, 11:02 PM »
I wrote this article three years ago. The information isn't as thorough as some of these other sites, but you might get something from it.  :-\]Wood Drum Shells - Hardness & Density


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