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no more oil discount
« on: June 03, 2008, 07:02 AM »
i work for a local non-profit agency  for low income and elderly tenants.  for years whomever the agency locked-in on oil, the employees enjoyed the oil dicount as well. we only have 12 workers.half of us used the discount. last winter we were locked in at $2.28!!! nice.  this year the agency locked in at $4.29!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  the kicker is that the oil dealer will not allow us to use the discount if we wanted to.  the current retail price is $4.69!!!!!!!!!! i spoke with the general manager very calmly but he wouldn't budge. he claimed he was barely making any money on the deal. i could be wrong but i think the office jumped the gun and took the only lock-in offer and shafted the workers.  the other dealers are waiting to see oil prices settle before offering a lock-in price. now i can look forward to next winter seeing our tenants leaving windows open and the free heat jacked up.   i'll just have to play drums more often to stay warm at night.


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