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pics and videos of our show with Kansas
« on: September 21, 2008, 08:58 PM »
 hey guys, we finally got some pics and videos on our site from our show with Kansas in Pittsburgh last month, if you guys got a few minutes check it out at , some nice shots of me , my bandmates and my son with the guys from Kansas, go to the pictures link , then to opening for Kansas 2008, i think the 1st photo is  the one with Phil Ehart and David Ragsdale, check out some of our videos also if ya have some time, hey bart , maybe you and chris can check out some of the pics of the kit that i built, remember about a year ago i was asking you guys how nobles and cooley attached the rims mounts under the lugs, pic 32 has a nice front shot of them ,tell me what you think of the octobans, we've been doing covers for these shows and it's been going over good with the crowd, let me know what you guys think, always lookin for some feedback from fellow drummers.   thanks

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Re: pics and videos of our show with Kansas
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Right on!  Thanks for sharing!


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