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Denny Laine showed up at our gig
« on: October 16, 2008, 10:50 PM »
my band blinding edge just started our third set this past saturday when who walks in , none other than moody blues and wings guitarist denny laine and the worlds greatest promoter peter bennett, they were in the pittsburgh area doing a show at a local performing arts school for charity called [the british invasion] with some members of another band who are friends of ours when they decided to have a few drinks after their show, they enjoyed our set and we let them go onstage to do a few numbers including the song [go now], what a thrill to meet and get some group photos with someone who was in a band with beetle paul mccartney, pete bennett was the promoter for the beetles, stones,elvis, bob hope,michael jackson and many more, also he was frank sinatra's drummer for a while, so it was my pleasure to let him sit behind my kit, as soon as we get the photos on our website i'll let you guys know.


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