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This is a little after the fact, but I'm very excited to have had a chance to play a famous theatre like the Palladium, if only for one night. I hope to be back again soon if all goes well. Funny thing, though, my name isn't actually on the list of cast and crew as I was a replacement for another drummer who was unable to make it. I was booked to do the show several months ago, then told that due to a mixup between Musical Director and Producer I would not be needed as someone else had been booked. Then a week before the show, I got the call.

Incredibly, the entire show - cast, crew and orchestra - was rehearsed and performed all within a 48 hour period. We began rehearsals on Friday evening at an offsite location, continued on Saturday, and finally moved to the Palladium on Sunday. The only time that we performed the show together in its entirety was on Sunday night. Somehow, we pulled it off and made a lot of money for the Anthony Nolan Trust, an excellent cause.

It was a good challenge for my reading and playing, as the music is largely 20 and 30's style cabaret/swing, and all that woodblock-ing, cowbell-ing, triangle-ing and splashing takes some choreography. Never mind that the book was arranged by a drunk monkey and the page turns were some of the worst I've ever seen. A few more reads of the show and such things are less of an issue, but on short notice, I need the ink, baby...  ;D

All in all, a good time and a great experience.

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Re: Me And My Girl - Showtime Challenge 3 @ The London Palladium
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Very cool boomka! 


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