Topic: What's with the Traditional Grip Guys???  (Read 2796 times)

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Re:What's with the Traditional Grip Guys???
« Reply #20 on: January 12, 2003, 12:23 PM »
This old traditional chap is very grateful to all you youngsters because I've just realised that I am accidentally cool and this is quite a good feeling.

I once got a few points for knowing who the Smashing Pumpkins were but aside from that I don't think I've ever been officially cool before.

I'm glad that traditional isn't quite dying out.  I think there's a place for it and I love it but that (as mentioned before) is probably because that is what I was taught as a child and slogged and slaved over for a very long time (and still am, for that matter).

I notice that in February I have the Lieutenant Kije suite and as I haven't played that on the snare drum for several years I think some profound practice is in order.
This is definitely a "cool" piece for snare and I am very pleased that the grip appears to be as well.
Kind regards,
Alan M. Watkins


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