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Motocross National Events
« on: July 15, 2009, 09:23 AM »
Hi all,
For the next two weeks I will have a very busy time. This weekend I'll be working at the AMA Pro Motocross in Millville, MN. The top Pro racers in the World will be there. I'll be at the AMA District 23 booth advertizing Minnesota motocross and off road riding.
The following week (7/27 to 8/1) I'll once again be at the NMA National Championship in Ponca City, Oklahoma. There I'll be the checkered flagman for that week of championship racing. I've been told that "Louis Russle" will be stopping by to see me again. I'm sure he'll have some Boxcar Willie stories for you to laugh about.
So if you want to talk drums I'll be happy to chat with any DC people who stop by and say "hi". I'm sure Louis would love to see you also. Bring a tent and camp with us. Wear your Drummer Cafe shirt, I'll spot you right away. ;)
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