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The Rude Boys and The Fair Shakes
« on: December 15, 2009, 09:46 AM »
Recently I began playing with 3 very well known, very different local musicians, a sort of local supergroup if you will. We put together a Clash cover band band that plays mostly the Reggae side of the Clash and Clash style covers of other Reggae tunes.
We have our first gig on the day after Christmas in Dayton at South Park Tavern.
2 of the members used to be in a punk band in the 80's called the Obvious. We are getting together a set of theirs for an Obvious tribute band called the Fair Shakes (cause their songs are finally getting their fair shake)
The Fair Shakes are warming up for the Rude Boys, so its all 4 of us in both bands.
Plenty of people would come to see any one of these guys based on his name alone. Plenty of people would come see The Obvious, the Clash or anything Reggae, plus lots of people will be in for the holidays who would come. Soooo, its going to be enormous. Come if you are in the area. Wish us luck:]
Now let's go out there and melt some faces!


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