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SITE - Make-over & Remodeling
« on: September 08, 2010, 07:56 AM »
Several weeks ago, shortly after the community forum facelift, the Drummer Cafe website received its own "extreme make-up" with a new look and design.

Besides all of the cosmetic changes, the site has been restructured to provide the end-user with a more pleasing navigation experience as well as greater flexibility in how the site can be used.

Several key elements have undergone a complete reworking ...

Event Calendar - still powered by Google Calendars, is now bigger and better. Not only can you download and add dates to your own personal calendar or PDA, but searching and/or locating specific drumming events is even easier!

Go to:

There you'll see a full calendar which you can view by month, week or day. There's also a list (on the right) of upcoming events for the week. If you know of a drumming event not currently appearing on the Drummer Cafe calendar, you can now submit suggestions using the online form.

You can also search for events by artist, date, location, etc., using the LIVE SEARCH. Narrow down your search by choosing to search only the GCalendar, and set the other parameters as necessary.

LIVE Search - now allows you to enter one word and immediately get back the most recent relative article, live on the spot. You can click SEARCH after entering the word(s) to have more search options, or wait for the results and see you need to choose the "Full Results" link.

Not only does the search function work for all the Drummer Cafe articles, news, reviews, lessons, etc., but you also have the ability to search the entire Event Calendar for past, present and future entries, relative to your search.

To search the forum, you need to use the Search feature here on the forum, located under the HELP menu.

STORE - improved and modified. We offer select products (eg. Drummer Cafe T-shirts), all shipped directly from the Drummer Cafe.

Purchasing from, Musician's Friend and eBay using the Drummer Cafe's affiliate links and search features is always appreciated.

INDUSTRY DIRECTORY - an ever-growing list of manufacturers, publishers, organizations, groups and events. You can search by name or category; all entries are cross-referenced with applicable categories. Each entry in the directory contains the name, mailing address, phone numbers, email address, website URL, and name of a person to contact.  Lesser known entries in the directory have a brief description and/or product synopsis. Each entry also has a link to Google Maps, allowing you to get directions or see the location on the map with just one click.

More features, updates and upgrades coming soon!


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