Topic: Mike Terrana is learning from Todd Sucherman / Drumworld 2010 festival (NLD)  (Read 1285 times)

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A short clip, TS teaches Moeller basics to MT. Cool to watch the interaction between the two.

I think this clip was recorded during the Drumworld 2010 festival overhere in the Netherlands. There are some nice footages to watch on Youtube. Gadd, Sucherman, Terrana and Mel Gaynor (not his best performance) were some of the names performing that day.


Chip Donaho

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Boy did that bring back the memories. I would sit on my Army bunk and teach guys how to play from scratch. I can tell these guys already knew how to hold sticks right.  :)

David Stanoch

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I love watching stuff like that. Sucherman is a good teacher!

Jon E

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There's always something new for each of us to learn.  Nobody knows it all.  Even great players have a flaw or two!  (makes me feel not so bad about myself!).   :D 8)

It also reminds me how we might be pretty darned good in our current band/gig/life, but it's good to keep looking outward for new things.


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