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Daniel Heier

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Video: Andy Gibson Band Unplugged
« on: November 26, 2010, 03:45 PM »

Just a bit of an update. I have been playing with the Andy Gibson Band for approximately three months now and it has been a blast! The gig has been a true blessing for me and a great learning experience.

Click below for a video of the Andy Gibson Band unplugged. I will soon be posting video of us plugged in as I just purchased a FLIP HD camera. The video is a 30 minute interview. Andy Gibson on vox and guitar, Brian Wheeler on guitar, and I am on percussion. I only played a snare drum and an egg shaker.

The video will be streaming until next Friday. It will also be available to watch anytime at the same link. Hope you enjoy.  :)]

David Stanoch

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Re: Video: Andy Gibson Band Unplugged
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2010, 12:02 AM »
Love watchin' you workin' Danny-boy! Andy's down home fo' sure, eh?! Nice clip. You even got to talk - wow - good for you, my man! Even got props for your drum solo the night before - and you credited The Beatles - what a surprise. Funny!

Where is the MC? Kinda weird - like watching a "live radio interview" - the voice from beyond...but all good!

Nice minimalism in your set-up for the shoot. One tip you might dig: The top end of the rhythm is covered nicely but to me, w/the two rhythm guitarists, it could use more bottom to balance the sound. 

I see you tapping your feet - SO, first of all: Take a Billy Ward-style tip (cuz I know you dig him like I do) & wrap some bells or tamborine jingles around your HH foot (or stick 'em in your shoe) to reinforce the backbeat w/a higher pitched metallic sound.

And then, to make sure the bottom end of the beat is covered, take a tip from my former boss from Timbuk3, Pat MacDonald - who uses a "Stomp Box" when he does solo live gigs: Get a thin piece of plywood from a lumber shop (that needs to be only as big around as the length of your foot) and place it on the floor under your BD foot. Wear a hard/leather sole shoe/boot when you use it & mic it if possible, and "stomp" on it!

You'll be amazed at the sound you'll get: the bottom end of the rhythm pendulum is covered and the plywood could fit in your SD case for travel (in fact, if you cut it round @ 14" it could fit inside the rim of your SD)!

I know you don't do gigs like this all the time but for video shoots/coffee houses and the like, it's amazing how something so simple can "complete" your sound when using the bare essentials.

Rock on, Soulja Boy!

Daniel Heier

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Re: Video: Andy Gibson Band Unplugged
« Reply #2 on: November 28, 2010, 03:15 PM »
Thanks Dave!

When I watched the Link Live the previous week to see a friend of mine perform, I thought it was weird to not see the MC either. Either way, it is a cool little gig.

I will definately take all of those tips, and apply them to my next gig. I had a lot of fun playing on such a simplistic set up. Even on our electrified gigs, I set up only a 4 piece kit with two crashes, ride, and hi-hat. I was setting up a bigger kit, two rack toms and floor toms. I hated lugging all the gear around, and we condensed our set up down since the outdoor giggin season is done in the Midwest. Therefore, smaller trailer = less drums. I have been having a blast on a smaller kit, probably a lot to do with my jazz nature of playing. I find myself more creative on a smaller kit. With Andy's song, a 4 piece is all you need.

Lately as far as my drum solo's go with Andy, I was flattered when he said that about my solo and after last nights gig he said my drum-solos are his favorite part of the night! I just been combining elements of Ringo's solo off of Abbey Road with Rich Redmond's showmanship, energy, and licks as well as some Steve Smith ideas. Turns out to be a good way to keep the dancers on the dance floor and entertained. Which is the goal in a band like this, keep the party goin!


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