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The Cease & Desist Small Big Band
« on: February 12, 2011, 10:15 PM »
For anyone interested...

A video shoot I did in November about a week after PASIC came my way this week, so I thought I'd share it w/y'all, just for the fun of it. The Cease & Desist Small Big Band (yes, there's a story behind the name) is a fun little group that my friend, saxophonist Mark Yannie, runs. Nice book, good cats. We only gig a couple times a year.

This gig is the typical jobbing kind of thing, for the most part, but one with a notably nice book. No rehearsal, just show up, bring it and read it down. The focus for me is to listen, interpret, and keep it swinging. This is a very straight-ahead jazz gig, which is sort of a dying breed of work these days. I used to do a ton of this kind of thing but lately am doing more original rock, R&B and world beat gigs outside of my show work and the like.

The group is featured on the website's splash page at the present, but that could change any time so just look for the group name, "Cease & Desist Small Big Band." There are a few featured selections and a full 30 minute program depending on where you click.]

This organization is a nice resource for Twin Cities musicians as they provide their services for free. There's a lot of talented folks up this way that are also featured on the website, which you might enjoy checking out as well.

I thought this was lit, shot & mixed well, and the band sounds nice, so here it is. I remember not digging having to read off of a band front for a music stand - my neck hurts just watching myself read! It reminds me of when my boys were babies and their heads were too heavy to hold up for very long when they sat up!  :D  Not the best for my posture in those moments, but wha'cha gonna do?! Enjoy.

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