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Camco and Whitten
« on: July 04, 2012, 01:40 PM »
Hi guys

I just purchased a used set of old Swingstars that came with a ton of extra hardware and zildjian cymbals for 125 :)  Best deal I've ever gotten on equipment. 

Anyhow I went to research a Camco by Tama bass pedal that was included and came across this on Wiki that mentioned Drummer Cafe's own Chris Whitten

Here's the link and he's referenced right at the end of the article]

Hope all is well with Chris

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Re: Camco and Whitten
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2012, 10:28 AM »
In a similar note Chris Whitten was also praised by Carol King in her new autobiography. She spoke about attending a Paul McCartney show on his Tripping the Live Fantastic tour and meeting up with Paul and the band afterwards. She even named all the players and commented on what great players they all were, etc.   

Just an FYI, Somehow in some discussions people think I have attacked Chris or somehow disparaged his successes or lifestyle. This is far from the case. Long before knowing Chris Whitten or Chrisso from the Cafe, his work influenced me in so many ways. I wore out Tripping the Live Fantastic and On the Night in an effort to learn about half the tunes on each for various  cover bands I was in. On the Night ruled my patrol car stereo for about a year. I could tell you stories......and until very recently I had no idea he was the drummer on Edie Brickels' big single. I struggled for hours trying to learn that high hat part!

If my comments about Chris have led him or anyone else to think I was attacking him, my apologies. I can't change how you perceive my words, but I can clarify if needed. The bulk of my message about Chris in a recent post was to point out that while he is humble about his experiences, they are vastly different than most musicians. I don't know how this got construed as an attack. But only a handful of drummers have backed Paul McCartney, let alone do a record and one of the most widely anticipated and received tours in rock history with him. Following up with a stadium tour with Dire Straits isn't a shabby deal. Of course this doesn't take your contributions to 80's British pop into account. The Waterboys Hole of the Moon is still considered an 80's pop masterpiece.

End of the day: Chris was a big influence on my playing long before I had the opportunity to interact with him. But that doesn't mean I'm going to agree with him on every point. However, I certainly never meant to give the impression I was attacking him or begrudging his success.
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