Topic: *Need someone with woodworking knowledge to assist please!*  (Read 3732 times)

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Hey folks! I'm an independant drum builder, and have a question for someone that is a tad more "tool-savvy" than I am. I'm wanting to cut down on all my manual sanding time, and make my life a bit easier. I have seen some folks set up wood lathe machines to mount drums on, and spin them for quick and easy sanding, staining, and so on. Nobody ever explains how to actually mount the shell onto the lathe, and give any info on whether or not a special jig needs to be made. Also, I believe to spin a 22" or larger drum, I believe only certain lathes will accommodate for this. If anyone can help me out with some info, I'd be ETERNALLY grateful! Cheers! :)

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Re: *Need someone with woodworking knowledge to assist please!*
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You could build yourself an expandable jig that could be used on any lathe. The company who made the lathe may already have one built for use with that lathe. If you have any metal shop experience a jig would be easy to build. Three screw type arms inside the drum would be all it would take. Plus that type of arms could be used on many sizes of drums. But I would use the lathe on a rather slow speed as higher speeds would throw your jig and drum off balance.   ;)


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