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Wow, do your research
« on: October 20, 2014, 06:57 AM »
Whenever I am particularly frustrated with my day job, I indulge my fantasy of chucking it all and getting hooked up with a booking agency that puts acts together to go out on the road and make a living playing and touring. Though my wife says she's love to see me be able to make a living playing, I'm sure the realities of being gone 12-14 months at a stretch with teenagers at home is not what she had in mind. Though they won't be home forever...

Through my research I discovered this company:]

Though vague it sounded too goo to be true. Not long after I found this article:]

The author theorizes that this is a fake company set up as a front for human trafficking. There is a rebuttal following the article.

I had a buddy in high school do just this. Is this still a thing? Are these types of companies too good to be true? If you are willing to travel are there companies that pay for everything including your salary? I'm guessing this is mostly corporate entertainment party type bands. Anyone have any experience in doing this? Thanks


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