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Drummers Institute TWO WEEK SPECIAL in Maribor, Slovenia
« on: February 02, 2016, 04:43 AM »
DRUMMERS INSTITUTE TWO-WEEK SPECIAL in Maribor, Slovenia is available from February 22nd - March 6th 2016.

Enjoying THIS ONCE-IN-A-LIFE-TIME-OPPORTUNITY to study with some of the World's Best Drummers IS POSSIBLE in two ways:

1. SPENDING A WEEK WITH HOWARD CURTIS* (22.02-29.02.2016) in Maribor, learning with the Jazz Master in person (*please note, Howard has been the Head of Jazz Drums at the Graz Jazz Konservatorium for many years now, and normally the only way to study with him is at Graz! But to get a place there is sooo competitive.... Last year 70+ drummers applied to study with him in Graz and only FOUR were admitted. That is why this opportunity is so unique because outside of the Graz Academy it is basically impossible to spend one full week with Howard Curtis, and to get admitted to Graz many times people come and audition FOR YEARS... to get accepted (IF they ever get accepted, that is). CONTACT US TO ENQUIRE ABOUT SPECIAL DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE FOR YOU!

2. SPENDING A WEEK WITH PIER FOSCHI (OF JOVANOTTI, LAURA PAUSINI FAME!)- 29.02-6.03.2016. - in Maribor, Slovenia is also exclusive in the sense that Pier normally does not teach at all... He is all about THE GROOVE, THE FUNK, AND LIVE PERFORMING! He is not your usual educator-type. He is a "monster funkster" with friendly attitude and a great sense of humor and passion for life and positive attitude. Pier Foschi is THE MAN BEHIND The World-Famous 'PENSO POSITIVO' groove, Serenata Rap groove, as well as the Groove-master and co-author of L'OMBELLICO DELL MONDO, probably the best-known JOVANOTTI Hit Worldwide!!! In addition to this, Pier Foschi has also recorded two albums for the Best-Selling Italian Pop Artist of all times LAURA PAUSINI and much much more. CONTACT US TODAY TO ENQUIRE ABOUT SPECIAL DISCOUNTS!

It is truly a once-in-a-life-time opportunity.

Use it! Don't be square :-) ....don't be a guitarist..Lol.. YOU'RE A DRUMMER!



Places are limited and available on the first-come first-served basis.

TO REGISTER, SEND US AN EMAIL AT AND PUT IN THE SUBJECT BOX "I APPLY" and we will take care of the rest.

Thank you for your interest, and

Keep on - Drumming on!

Yes, Sir.



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