Topic: What is your drumset set-up? What is the name of the drums that you use?  (Read 11653 times)

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hi guys! i'm a new user here, so this is my first time to post a topic in here.


thanks for posting replies!


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we have all posted on this before, most of the guys have a couple of kits and a bunch of cymbals and snares they switch around alot.  I would just browse the site.


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Tama swingstar, basic config
12/13 toms, 16 floor
14 snare
22 bassdrum

remo emperors on toms, evans HD dry on snare
tama resonants

(switching to evans genera 2 and EQ3 set asap ;) )


Zildjian 20" A Ping ride

Zildjian 10" K splash

paiste 302 14" HH (becoming Zildjian A new beat next month)

Paiste 502 16" + 18" crashes (going to be replaced when i have to much money, but they`ll do for a few more months)


Tama iron cobra HH905 Hihat stand
Tama HP10 basspedal (came with the kit)

mostly Vic Firth SD2, sometimes Vater Fusion (when the VFs are outta stock)

thats bout it!


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Well, I have a Premier kit at the mo, but I also play a Pearl Export. My own Premier kit is a 7 peice but I normaly just use it as a 5. I desperatly need some new equipment though...just as soon as I have the money! ;D



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I agree with Felix, this topic has been covered before but ayesa you wer'nt to know that so:

Late 70's SONOR (7 ply really really heavy) 5 piece Soviet Orange(this colours back in by the way.....or maybe it isnt)

Classic Ludwig 402 Snare (ex Buddy Use)

 70's Premier Hardware

Cymbals : Sabian/Paiste/Meinl and Zanki

Out of interest Misenko, why do you feel you need new hardware ? just wondering :)

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I went through the hate side of my love/hate relationship with drumming and sold everything off. Naturally, the love part is 1000 times stronger so that didn't last long.
Since I'm not in any bands at the moment (I play at a church) I bought a set of Rolands for home. Just about 3 weeks ago I picked up a brand new V-Session with a Pearl double-kick.
I'm not going to argue whether E drums are better worse or the same as A's, I just know that I can play them any time day or night and my family doesn't kill me.

Sticks is another matter -- I've got this one pair of ugly orange sticks that were given to me at a NAMM show back in the mid-80's. I love them! I think (not sure) that they are some sort of composite material and I would really like to find more. They are straight, well-balanced, excellent sounding -- better than nylon on cymbals, and have lasted me for about 15 years so far.

If anyone has any idea what these sticks are, who made them, where I could get more -- I'd love to know!!


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I can't believe I am answering this again. :D

Set One: Mapex Saturn Pro

22x18 bass drum
12x10 tom
16x13 tom
14x5 Ludwig Supraphonic snare

Set Two: Mapex M Series

20x16 bass drum
10x8 tom
12x10 tom
14x14 floor tom
14x5.5 Mapex Venus snare

Cymbal Set One:  Paiste

13" Alpha med. hi-hats
20" Dimensions med. ride
16" & 18" 2002 crashes

Cymbal Set Two: mostly Paiste

14" 802 hi-hats
20" Sabian Pro ride
17" 3000 crash
19" 2002 crash (from 1982!)

Mark Wellman ><>

I use Evans heads and Vic Firth or Vater sticks.


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I have a 5 piece Pearl Export (12 13 14 16 22) with a Sabian B8 Performance pack, and a 16" Stagg Dragon series crash, a Tama Iron Cobra Rolling Glide double pedal, and a dropclutch (pearl)  (;D Yeah the dropclutch does it)


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Drums = Pearl Export except snare Rogers 10 13 16 22 snare 14

Skins Remo Powerstroke 3 on snare and bass drumm
tops of toms Emperor clear
bottom Ambassador clear
Cymbals Zildjian 14 hats 10 splash 8 splash 16 crash 16 crash 22 ride
sabian China 14

hardware a mixed bad of pearl sonor gibraltar dixon yamaha

sticks Vater 5a plastic tip
Zildjian 5a plastic tip


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I have a set of Yamadog club customs in midnight confetti...they are mahogany and birch.  I also have a manu katche 5.5 and a yamaha brass 6.5

my other set is a sonor 3000 birch with a 6.5 birch snare.

both kits are standard sizes.

I have a plethora of bosphorous, sabian, zildjian and paiste cymbals.


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I use a Tama Arstar Custom(thick maple shells) from 1994-95.  
I actually have the huge dbl kick kit, but normally play as a 4 piece.  Size=Depth X Diam

Tama Brass 6.5X14
Tama Birch 3.5X14
Tama Chrome over Maple(chrome was removed and the drum was painted)  6.5X14
Yamaha Bamboo 5.5X14  (my primary snare most of the time)*
Pearl Steel (probably a student model from the 80's) 5.5X14

Variety of Zildjian cymbals

*=normal gigging kit


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DrumWorldUK Stagemaster
2x 22" kick
10", 12", 13", 16" toms and either my Remo 12" Mastertouch Piccolo or DrumWorld 14" wood Snare.
Zildjians: 2x19" A Custom Projection, 18" K C Dark, 20" K C Ride, 20" Oriental China Trash, 8" A C Splash, 14" K C Dark Hats.
All on a Gibraltar 350c+150c Road Series Rack.

Yes I know, its to compensate for my apalling technique!  ;D

I use VicFirth American Classic 5A sticks.


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CB 700 Internationale Series in Gloss Black
16 x 22" Kick w/ Shure Beta 52 mounted on May Miking System.  Evans EQ3 Batter w/ Aquarian Double Kick Pad, Evans EQ1 Ebony Resonant w/o hole.
10 x 10"
11 x 12"
12 x 13"
16 x 16" Toms all with Remo Clear Pinstripes on Batters and Ebony Ambassador Resonants.  All miked w/ Audio-Technica "Kitpack."  

Pearl Free-Floating, Bell-Brass Shell 3 1/2 x 14" Snare w/ Remo Coated Powerstroke III w/ dot and Ambassador Snare Side.  Miked with (everybody say it together) Shure SM57.  

Remo 6, 8, & 10" Roto-Toms with Remo Clear Pinstripes.  LP Blue Jam Block.  LP Studio Cowbell.  I usually just let the overhead mics pick these up.

Cymbals (Zildjian):
14" K Hi-Hats (top on bottom, bottom on top)
10" A Splash
15" A Custom Crash
16" A Custom Crash
17" A Custom Projection Crash
18" Z Custom Medium Crash
18" Z Custom China Boy High
20" A Custom Ride
I'm using two cheap-@$$ condensor overheads to mic my cymbal cluster right now.  Will be making more of a quality purchase in the near future and miking the Ride and Hats individually as well as two overheads.

Pro-Mark Japan Oak 5A's and 747B's Wood Tips.

Entire kit mounted on Gibraltar Power Rack on all three sides.  To see the layout of all this stuff, check out my web-site at


Online Bart Elliott

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If you really want to know what I have, you can go to my]web site  and view my]Equipment  or my]Set-up .  There's too much info and too many variables to post it all here.
Drummer, Percussionist, Composer, Producer,
Comedian, MC, Educator, Writer and Visual Artist


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Yeah Bartman, you aren't kidding around!  I've checked out your web-site and seen all your different setups.  <thinking out loud>  "Must be nice to have sponsorship!"   LOL!!   ;D  Just ribbin' on ya B-Man!


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Just out of curiosity, how often do you use all your different Stuff Bartman? You have so much, so how much do you use it all?

if there is anything being negelcted you could always send it to a charitable person like me who likes to take neglected peices of drum equipment off your many cymbols suffer from neglect, its so sad...thats why I am willing to step in and help them!!....please? ;D ;D ;D ;)



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recently ive been playing a 5-piece  Ludwig Power Elite Kit for gigging
21" Zildjian Sweet Ride
16" Zildjian K Dark crash
16" Zildjian passed down from my Father
14" Zildjian new beat hats
Ghost Kick Pedal
Gibralter Rack
Alesis DM5 Module with ddrum triggers on all drums

I have a 6-piece 1978 Rogers drum kit passed down from my Father
(With hundreds of thousands of road miles)


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hey nomad, what do you think about the new beats? im about to getting them

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Yeah Bartman, you aren't kidding around!  I've checked out your web-site and seen all your different setups.  <thinking out loud>  "Must be nice to have sponsorship!"   LOL!!

 ;D Well, just for the record, none of my gear came from any kind of a sponsorship or endorsement; I'm not good enough to get free gear.  It all came from hard work and the sweat of my brow. I did get a lot of stuff from back when I had my drumshop; wholesale prices are a beautiful thing.

Just out of curiosity, how often do you use all your different stuff Bartman? You have so much, so how much do you use it all?

It all gets used, but not all the time. When I do a percussion session 80% of my percussion gear goes with me ... which takes a very long time to load and unload. For me, it's important to have a large selection at my disposal at the recording studio. I really hate hearing something I want to add ... only to find that I didn't bring it with me.  :o

I enjoy collecting the stuff as a hobby too ... so I get double benefits ... being able to use it on the gig/session, as well as collecting it. I like having the right tool for the job ... whenever possible.
Drummer, Percussionist, Composer, Producer,
Comedian, MC, Educator, Writer and Visual Artist


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ahhh.....200th post and I still can't spell or string ledgeable sentances together.....does anyone think i'll get any better ?.....nope, I did'nt think so..

Bart, I was wondering why you feel that to get sponsorship/endorcements you have to "be good"..

Certainly in Britain, being "Good" is rarely part of the deal when it comes to freebees ect. Its all about exposure and having that "marketable thing" thats in "vogue" at that precise time(doesnt mean musicianship.....rarely in fact).

Plenty of great musicians I know have never been near smelling distance of any company deals.......

How many drummers that have been mentioned in the "Overated Drummers" thread have sponsorship....I bet a lot..

Ringo for one I believe and Ive stated my views on him, plenty of times..


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