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Re:What is your drumset set-up? What is the name of the drums that you use?
« Reply #60 on: February 20, 2003, 10:25 PM »
1997 Ludwig Classic Maple Kit
12" tom
13" tom
16" floor
14" x 6.5" Snare
22"X16" kick

16" Zildjian Avedis Crash
16" Zildjian K Dark Custom Crash
14" Zildjian New beats
19" Zildjain Sweet Ride
1 George Foreman grill


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Re:What is your drumset set-up? What is the name of the drums that you use?
« Reply #61 on: February 21, 2003, 11:25 AM »
oops! forgot my oil barrel and garage door!!

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Re:What is your drumset set-up? What is the name of the drums that you use?
« Reply #62 on: February 21, 2003, 02:20 PM »
Tama Starclassic Performer EFX in white satin.  I love birch and they didn't have any good laquers in regular Performer.
8x10 (took off, sits in the corner of my basement)

Zildjian Cymbals:
14" A Custom Mastersound Hi Hats
18" Z Custom Medium crash
19" Z Custom Rock Crash
21" A Sweet Ride
*note these ARE the exact cymbals Cyrus Bolooki from NFG has but I loved the sound of the hats and the crashes and the ride.  I was going to get a 19" A Custom Crash instead but the Z Custom was less expensive and made for being brutally beating...just being cautious.  Its kind of a coincidence we have the same cymbals though...I didn't really do it on purpose

DW 5000 Delta Accellerator
DW 9300 Snare Stand
DW 9900 tom/boom combo stand
Pacific Boom stand (soon to be replaced)
Pacific straight stand (soon to be replaced)
Tama (not sure which kind) Hi Hat Stand (soon to be replaced)

Sticks: Vater Universals

Heads:  Evans

Acessories: 6" HolZ, Danmar Stick holder, Aquarian kick pad

*I will be getting a 6.5x14 20 Ply vented snare from Conaway very soon.

Pictures do not include all new cymbals just one of the crashes and hi hats.  The other two are my uncle's vintage Zildjians (16" Medium Thin Crash, 20" Rock Ride)


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Re:What is your drumset set-up? What is the name of the drums that you use?
« Reply #63 on: February 21, 2003, 09:30 PM »
Excellent discussions at this forum! I've been to other's but this one takes the cake! Obvious "sound" advice throughout and  good discussion in-between. Can't "beat" that...

My main kit is a Turmoil Green Tama Rockstar Custom w/ Chrome Hardware posted just below:

To give a better idea of the set in overhead view, I've taken the liberty to recreate in it Photoshop 6.0.

Drums include:

A: 3.5" x 14" Copper Free-Floating Snare (Effects Snare; not present in picture)
B: 6.5" x 14" Hand-Hammered Steel Snare
C: 10" x 12" Mounted Tom
D: 11" x 13" Mounted Tom
E: 16" x 22" Bassdrums
F: 12" x 14" Mounted Tom
G: 16" x 16" Mounted Tom
H: 16" x 18" Floor Tom

Cymbals: All Zildjian

1: 8" A Custom Splash
2: 14" A MasterSound Hi-Hats
3: 17" A Custom Crash
4: 4" A. Splash
5: 11" Oriental Trash Splash
6: 8" China Kang stacked on 8" Splash
7: 18" Oriental Trash Crash
8: 22" Ping Ride
9: 6" Zil-Bell (inverted)
10: 16" K Custom Crash
11: 18" Oriental Trash

Pedals: DW
Other Hardware: Pearl/TAMA assortment with new Gibraltar Rack

Accesories: LP

aa: Cyclops Mounted Tambourine
bb: Jam Block (high pitch)
cc gray: 6" Salsa Bell
cc red: Jam Black (low pitch)
dd: 9" Cow Bell
ee: Blast Block (low pitch)

My practice set is a bit smaller, shown below.


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Re:What is your drumset set-up? What is the name of the drums that you use?
« Reply #64 on: February 21, 2003, 09:52 PM »
After saving what I could, I ended up using my hard-earned money to purchase a pre-owned Tama Rockstar in Gloss Black as my practice set. It was in exceptional shape! Truth be told, without cymbals (They came later), I lucked into this set for a total of $775 WITH hardware! A guy in the Coast Guard was being sent to Greenland of all places! He had to let it go...

Despite the multiple drum-head changes to both sets however, these sets do not do justice to other higher-end sets, like Tama's Starclassic or better yet, the DW's, Orange County, or Ayotte's of the world. It's a good set mind-you, and the resonance that I like is reasonable, but the actual sounds emitted from the Mahagony-Basswood combo, even with proper tuning using my Drum-Dial, are much too high-pitched for my taste compared to the birch or maple sets...but I put up with what I could afford. One day I'll be able to afford something a bit higher in quality, but I'm very lucky for what I have, I shouldn't complain, all things considered.

Here is my current practice setup:

My practice kit is a 2000 Tama Rockstar in Gloss Black
A: 6.5" x 14" Rockstar Custom Steel Snare (Not too bad!)
B:  8" x 8" Mounted Tom
C: 10" x 12" Mounted Tom
D: 16" x 22" Bassdrum  
E: 11" x 13" Mounted Tom
F: 14" x 14" Mounted Tom

Cymbals from left to right are all Zildjian...
1: 22" Ping Ride
2: 18" A Custom Crash
3: 6" and 8" Saluda Splash (They SUCK!)
4: 17" A Custom Crash
5: 16" A Custom Crash
6: 15" A Custom Projection Crash
7: 14" A MasterSound Hi-Hats (HIGHLY RECOMMEND!)

Pedals: Pearl P-2002C PowerShifter Eliminator Double Pedal.

Hardware includes Tama RoadPro Cymbal Stands and a Gibraltar 9707ML Hi-Hat Stand. I have no reservations regarding playing out with these...Very sturdy and also recommend them as well. And yes, those are drum always, your comments are welcome.


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Re:What is your drumset set-up? What is the name of the drums that you use?
« Reply #65 on: February 22, 2003, 04:44 PM »
Lot of people using A custom Zildians, they are so nice.
I use 16" A custom crash.
The rest of my accumulated treasure chest played regularly at a variety of gigs is...

Tama Granstar birch kit 1990, jet black wrap 12,13,16 toms and deep 20" kick.
Heads Evans G1 coated top clear bottom.G2 Genera kick with E.Q patch.

Snares 14"Tama 61/2 bronze and 14"Tama Gibraltar 8" both with Remo powerstroke 3 dotted.

Sticks Vater power 5A or Vic Firth American classic 2B both nylon tipped.

Pedals DW 5500 high hat, Pearl eliminator or Tama Camco kick pedals.

Hardware pro line Pearl stands and Tama clamp ons.

Amongst a pile i use these most gigs
Ride  20" Zildian Z or Paiste 20" 2002
Full crash 14" Paiste signature
China crash Paiste Alpha 16"
crash 18" Paiste Formula 602 medium
High hats Paiste 14" 2002 series heavy or 15" 2000 series heavy.

Ragone and Hygrade hard cases for all.
Tempo Ref metronome.
DW drop lock clutch.
AKG D112 Mike


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Re:What is your drumset set-up? What is the name of the drums that you use?
« Reply #66 on: February 22, 2003, 04:59 PM »
Well this is an old picture, but it's the only one I got in the computer. Besides everything except the rolands are cased up and in storage for now. So no new picts.

Heres my inventory:

Kit: Sonor Force 3000 Birch
Toms: 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 16
Basses: 22

Snares (too many):

Ludwig Super Sensative
5x14 x 2
6.5x14 x 1
12x14 x 1

Rogers Dynasonic (Script Badge)
5x14 x 1

6x14 x 1

12x14 x 1

6x14 Force 3000 x 2
6x14 Sig Africian Bubinga Heavy x 1
8x14 Sig Ferromanganese x 1
8x14 Sig Bronze x 1

mixed Zildjian, Paiste & Sabian

Axis Longboards x 2 (New)
DW5000 x 2
Yamaha and Pearl Cheapies

Roland v-drum pro with extension kit

Gibralter, Sonor & DW

Old Ludwig carrier

That is it for now, but since my inventory is ever evolving, changes are always in the mix.


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Re:What is your drumset set-up? What is the name of the drums that you use?
« Reply #67 on: February 22, 2003, 09:58 PM »
That 12x14 Ludwig snare looks sweet.  Great taste.


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1994 premier signia topaz laquer
12x10 rack
14x14 floor
22x16 bass

20 zil ping ride
18 zil Z custom crash
18 zil med crash
14 quick beats
8" brass ship's bell (made to hang on the wall in your mom's house)

14x6.5 yamaha birch (recording custom?)
14x5 ludwig acrolite 70's
16x14 old ludwig marching snare (stolen from my high school 10 years ago)
14x12"slingerland marching snare

howard roark

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Hello, Well I guess I could throw my stuff in here as well.

Main Kit:
Tama Starclassic Maples in Brown Fade finish
22 bass
8,10,12 Toms across the top
14 & 16 mounted toms in floor tom position
13 Tom on my left
5 1/2 x 14 Starclassic maple snare on starcast system
Low pitch set Octobans on my left decending order.

Cymbal set:
13 regular & 13 Fusion, main & remote Sabian
16 dark & 16 aaxplosion Sabian
8,10 & 12 AA splash Sabian
18 AA Chinese Sabian
18 Radia Chinese Sabian
18 Med Crash Zildjian
22 Ping Ride Zildjian
18 Pro Sonix Chinese Sabian
20 China Wuhan

Top 40 Kit (the one I take out of the house)

Tama Rockstar Black Finish with Starcast system
Fusion sizes 22, 10,12,14 Toms
6 1/2 x 14 Pearl FF Brass
Cymbals are mixture of whatever I feel like taking from the main kit.

Pedals for both kit are DW accelerator Double pedals...Until Me Tama Iron Cobra Power Glides come in. For some reason they are in short supply lately!

Yamaha DTX 2.0 DS11 Electronic kit. Dont use much , but my 6 yr old daughter likes playing them more than the acoustic@!..Whats a dad to do!

Best to all,



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rok, that is a set, i love the 2 independant bass feel and all the toms because your hardly ever limited to what you can play and get outta your set sound wise. and i bet felix would love that snare its so deep.


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I have a couple of sets.....

A blue sparkle Premier. (Don't know exactly which model!) I've used this kit since I started playing 16 years ago and it was second hand when I got it.
The set up is -

20x16 bass
10x7 tom
12x8 tom
16x14 floor tom

This kit came with a 14x5 1/2 Ludwig steel shell snare.

The main kit I use for gigging is a Pearl ELX in Amber Mist

22x18 bass
10x8 tom
12x9 tom
14x11 tom
14x 51/2 snare

I also have various snares by Gretsch, Edgeware, Premier and Dixon

I use the same cymbal setup with each kit -
20in Sabin Pro sonix ride
14in Pro sonix hats
16 and 17in AAX crashes
18in Paiste crash
20in Paiste china
10in paiste splash

Various other bits and pieces, cow bell, Pro Mark sticks.
Oh, and my beloved Speed King pedal, don't leave home without it.


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I play a Tempus kit in several's easier to just send you here:


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Pacific CXL 5 piece set

Zildjian 14" dyno top/ Quick beat bottom
Paiste 16" Signature Fast Crash
Zildjian A Custom 17" Crash
Zildjian K 18" Dark Crash
Zildjian A 20" med ride
Sabian 8" pro splash


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7-piece DW Collector's Series in Royal Blue laquer.

All DW hardware, 5000 double pedal, etc.

DW 5.5x14 Johnny Craviotto snare.  Natural with chrome.

DW Bronze 6x14 Josh Freese Signature snare.  Natural with chrome.

Ass. Zildjian cymbals

Protechtor Cases for everything.

Roc-n-Soc Nitro drum throne with back.


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Ass. Zildjian cymbals

I have never heard of the Ass zildjian series, where did you pick these up?  :o ;D


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my set up,
kit 1,
pearl export 6 piece
12"13" bass mounted toms
15" cymbal stand mounted tom
16" floor tom
22" bass
all in a nice forest green type colour (nearest thing i could think of 2 describe colour, im ill :()
sabian pro sonix
8" 10" 16" 18" 20"
paiste 2002
22" heavy ride 14" crash(@$%#)
pearl 18" sizzle 10" splash
lp rancan 16"china (sweetest thing ive ever heard!)
14 sabian pro mini chinese, second hand, as yet un payed 4, i think im gunna take it back because a, its bent, and b, doesnt sound like a china, c, i dont have enough stands
wooden block, triangle
all hardware stagg
and tama 200 double pedal
and dw 5000 single pedal
heads pearl peice o @$%# batter snare head,
remo reenosence head
percussion plus on all toms and bass drum exept batter bass head, remo weatherproof pinstripe(the reason 4 @$%# heads is i couldnt afford good heads when unemployed, no im employed and havent got round 2 it.
kit 2!
yamaha dtx press 2. soon to be upgraded by buying cymbal pad and tom pad!
at the mo i dont have a matching pair of sticks because i recently broke my good set, and ive had 2 go 2 mis matching with old spares, my current stick set sat on snare drum are, one vic firth 5a and one cheap hotshot brittle peice of @$%#!
i have 5a soft sticks but one got broken by a gay friend trying  2 be cool by bashing my triangle with it :S


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Ass. Zildjian cymbals

I have never heard of the Ass zildjian series, where did you pick these up?  :o ;D

They're rare ....and kind've smelly.   ;)


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Pearl Maple Resonator Series (in Orange) 1980

22" Kick w/ Remo Pinstripe (batter) Logo front (ported, five o'clock position)
13" Rack w/ Clear Remo Emperor (batter) Evans HD (bottom)
15" Floor w/ Clear Remo Emperor (batter) Evans HD (bottom)

Slingerland Steel Snare 1977
5 1/2 x 14" w/ Remo Coated Emperor

WFL Mahogany Snare 1953
5 1/2 x 14" w/Remo Powerstroke

8" Zildjian Splash
14" Paiste 2000 Hi Hats w/ Yamaha Hi-hat stand
14" Zildjian Crash (former hi-hat cymbal)
16" Zildjian Crash (former marching band cymbal)
18" Paiste 2000 Ride
18" Sabian B8 Crash/Ride

Rhythm Tech rack mounted tambourine
LP Cowbell

Pearl Boom stands, snare stand, asssorted. Pearl Hardware, assorted Tama hardware. Tama throne, Yamaha Kick drum pedal with plastic beater. Aquarian Kick Pad

Vic Firth 5BN Hickory or 5BN American Classic Rock


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Ass. Zildjian cymbals

Is this where the term "hitting with the butt end "is appropiate?  ;D :'( ;D :'( ;D :'(


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