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« on: May 21, 2002, 03:45 AM »
All the time I see brazillian musicians giving up the music career (and some are amazing!! :-\ ), 'cause all the inumerous difficulties we have here, some of the greatests is the lack of governamental support, education (WHY music is not on the schools???)and musical culture...  this makes me real real sad  :-\

But I 'came even more shocked when I see the government doing some kind of shows with "famous bands" to do some kind of charity, like Rock against Hungry, Sinfonia contra o frio (classical music against the cold), etc...

CALM DOWN... Nothing's wrong against this, be sure I give ALL the support I can, by playing, or going to these shows, etc... But what makes me REAL angry is the fact that when those "famous bands" needed the government help (my band is one of those "famous bands") what they did??? ALBSOLUTELLY NOTHING!!!  >:(

They simple USE the music like the way they want, manipulating it...  >:(

Sorry... I had to tell it...  :( do it happens on your countries?


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« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2002, 07:13 AM »
Sociopolitics and Music...too deep for me this morning.

I seriously believe that music has been de-clawed politically and if a particular band does get incredibly famous then the corporations will take over, ie. to sell a product.  The corporations are the ones with the political power, not bands.

I can't imagine being in a band that had a political message anymore (we are being dehumanized by the way) slowly but surely, and I can't imagine the government helping a band financially unless that band fit into their (government's) agenda at the time.

Forget about it.  People don't start rebelling until they start getting hungry...and we aren't there yet here in the U.S.


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