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Drummer Cafe 20th Anniversary
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Dear Friends,

Marv Dahlgren and David StanochMarv Dahlgren and David Stanoch
(photo by Howard Gitelson)

Marv Dahlgren is frustrated. At age 87, with a lifetime of accomplishments behind him, Dahlgren (who was principal percussionist of the Minnesota Orchestra for 48 years, co-authored the classic drumset method book 4-Way Coordination, and inspired drummers across the USA as part of the Ludwig Symposiums in the 1970s) is upset over the spread of world hunger–in Somalia, here at home in the USA, and wherever you are.

So, he's decided to do something about it and you are invited to join him.

Marv has organized a group called the Global Drummers Alliance. Our plan is to bring drummers together to raise awareness for ending world hunger in a user-friendly and effective way.

As it was beginning in early Africa, long ago, we are using the drum to send a message.

Saturday, January 14, 2012 at 2PM (CST) you are invited to simultaneously stand with Marv, wherever you are on the globe, and raise your sticks to play the classic snare drum solo, "Three Camps" - a solo originally played in wartime to rally soldiers together, now chosen to do the same in a message of togetherness and hope.

pdfThree Camps – Snare Drum Solo

How does this raise awareness?

Everyone wanting to participate is asked to personalize a copy of the official press release for the event (see below) and send it in advance of the event to your local print, radio, television and web media outlets, to inform them where your local gathering is taking place.

Here is a press release, in PDF format, that can you can easily customize for your area; simply tweak it and email it out. Our goal is to make participating in this event easy and satisfying for all who care to join us.

Keep in mind, the actual performance of Three Camps on the day of the event will be very short. It will be the effort to inform your local media ahead of time that will generate the awareness we hope to create through the coverage of the event.

How does it help?

By passing on information. We are not collecting donations or expecting you to, either. There are established organizations such as UNICEF, who have legitimate resources in place to do just that. Links to these organizations are referenced in the press release and you can also simply mention them to anyone who asks. It can be that simple to make a difference. Remember, every penny helps someone who desperately needs it.

There are professional players, teachers, students from schools of every level, drum shops and more participating in this one-of-a-kind event. Marv says, "You could be riding a bus and pull out your sticks at the chosen time and if someone asks why you can tell them you're raising awareness to help end world hunger."

I am proud to stand with Marv, who has been my friend, a mentor and colleague for many years. We hope YOU too will stand with us on Saturday, January 14th, and help to make a difference.

Thank you,

David Stanoch