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Ahead Drumsticks

Proclaiming that “Darwin was right.”, advertisements for a new line of highly-evolved, alternative drumsticks began appearing in 1992. While they weren’t the world’s first synthetic sticks, or even the only ones at the time, Advanced High-Efficiency Alloy Drumsticks (known simply as AHEAD Drumsticks) were definitely a step forward in the evolution of drumming and drumstick technology. 

“Drummers want to buy cheap sticks because they go through them like crazy,” says Victor Salazar of Vic’s Drumshop. “But sometimes paying a little more for a stick that lasts longer, performs better and is healthier for your hands is a smarter investment. AHEAD sticks are more expensive because they’re worth it. They represent a wonderful alternative to standard, wooden sticks.”

Ahead 5B LTD Drumsticks

To commemorate and celebrate their 20th Anniversary in 2012, AHEAD is proud to announce the immediate availability of their 5B LTD Anniversary Drumsticks. The limited edition sticks are 16˝ x .595˝ and 64 grams and feature nylon ball tips, black polyurethane sleeves and natural aluminum handles printed with AHEAD’s “20 Years Ahead” 20th Anniversary logo.

Prior to AHEAD, the main and often sole benefit of synthetic drumsticks was their ability to last longer than wood. AHEAD sticks not only outlast wood and the other synthetics, they outperform them. In addition to being more durable than their wood counterparts, they are more responsive, more powerful, stronger, straighter and consistent in size and weight to a variance of less than 1%. AHEAD are also the world’s first recyclable drumsticks and to this day remain the only “green” sticks on the market. Plus, their unique design and components allow them to absorb 50% more shock than wood.

Another reason for AHEAD’s success has been the availability of models designed for the newer, heavier types of music that have become popular over the last 20 years. AHEAD’s ability to control weight and balance independently of diameter and length gives them an edge for modern rock, punk, metal, hardcore and progressive styles.

In addition, AHEAD has also assembled one of the heaviest and most relevant artist rosters of any major stick company, from legendary metal masters like Lars Ulrich (Metallica), Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), Phil Rudd (AC/DC), Rick Allen (Def Leppard) and Tico Torres (Bon Jovi) to today’s up-and-coming generation of metal and hardcore drummers such as Sasha Horn (Forbidden), John Paul Andrade (Allegaeon), Henrik Ohlsson (Scar Symmetry), Vinnie Fiorello (Less Than Jake), Adam Patterson (The Expendables), Bobby Alt, Adam Alt, Frank Zummo and Justin Imamura (Street Drum Corps) and many others. The company recently launched an initiative called “Generation A” to raise awareness and educate young drummers and drum teachers on the benefits of AHEAD sticks, as well.

Today, as AHEAD sticks turn twenty, their expanding presence, increasing relevance and ongoing success continues. Darwin may not have developed his theory with drumsticks in mind but, since evolution is all about adaptation and survival of the fittest, whether it’s the history of man, the future of drumming or merely the show you played last night, AHEAD drumsticks continue to prove that Darwin was right.

“Why do I play AHEAD?” asks Metallica drummer, Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall Of Fame Artist and long-time AHEAD endorser Lars Ulrich. “The question should be ‘why doesn’t everybody?’