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Studio Builder's HandbookAlfred Music Publishing expands its Pro Audio Series with The Studio Builder’s Handbook, a guide to building and improving the sound of recording studios on any budget, by Bobby Owsinski and Dennis Moody.

The Studio Builder’s Handbook strips away the mystery of what makes a great-sounding studio and shows how to make a huge difference even on a budget. From improving the acoustics of an isolation booth, to building a personal studio from the ground up, this handbook maneuvers the do’s and don’ts in planning, engineering, construction, and gear selection of a professional studio in the most of cost-effective manner. Topics include: tips on choosing recording gear and acoustic treatment material; how to build your own acoustic panels, bass traps, and customize windows and doors; and the importance of often overlooked items like permits, the lounge, security, amenities, and storage.

Best-selling author and in-demand producer/engineer Bobby Owsinski, and Grammy®-nominated and platinum award-winning engineer/producer Dennis Moody, impart their expertise and helpful tips in a comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide. A DVD is also included—guided by professional studio builders—featuring topics such as how to construct acoustic panels and bass traps, as well as best practices in all-around studio design and finishing.

As part of Alfred’s ongoing commitment to improving our environment, this book is printed on 100% recycled paper stock.

The Studio Builder’s Handbook book and DVD set (00-37078) is now available for $39.99 at music retail stores and online through the Drummer Cafe.

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